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Trump is back on stage – where will he take America?

Crescent International

Donald Trump is back at the center of America’s corrupt political landscape.

If he were a Venezuelan or Iranian politician, the western corporate media would probably frame him as a pro-free market dissident being persecuted by the regime.

Despite losing in the last election, millions of Americans still take Trump seriously.

He is seen as some sort of an anti-establishment crusader.

This itself is a telling reflection of the anti-intellectual tradition of American society.

When Trump was selected president in 2016, his adversaries were irritated by the damage he would do, and did to the image of the United States of America.

People with the ability to analyze events properly clearly understood that Trump is America.

As Dr. Joseph Massad explained in his column for the Middle East Eye “what accounts for Trump’s achievement is his sincere commitment to the restoration of an unabashed, unapologetic US white supremacy and runaway capitalism that easily withstands the wishy-washiness of white US liberalism and its continued commitment to white supremacy with a human face, whether a white one or in blackface.”

In November 2020, Crescent International wrote that “post-election, Trump will be as big a problem, if not bigger, to the US political system than he is now… For four years, an ignoramus like Trump had access to the darkest secrets of the deep state. It would not be surprising to learn if Trump has photocopied some of the secret documents to use in his forthcoming memoirs that naturally will be written for him.”

So, will the most recent legal saga propel Trump back into the White House?

It is a possibility, although at present it seems remote.

However, what recent developments will do is that they will seal Trump’s position within the Republican political establishment as a king-maker and key influencer.

No Republican candidate will be able to participate in national US politics without some form of appeasement of Trump’s capricious policies.

The person who mainstreamed the term ‘fake news’ is going to continuously faking to be a serious public figure.

Anyone who questions this will be labeled as fake news distributer and there is very little the Americans can do about it.

In the dominant post-modernist mindset, truth is relative.

This is what happens when informal logic and philosophy no longer play key roles in the educational system.

The real internal political crisis will emerge once the right-wing spectrum of the American political establishment realizes that their real presidential candidate is still the most buffoonish character on the scene.

Even if Trump does not run for president in 2024 but manages to get a Republican back into the White House, that person will owe Trump some favors.

Such a scenario is quite probable. Besides, Trump will not be subtle about those favors.

The latest legal developments around Trump once again highlight the fact that the US still suffers from serious internal frictions.

This would not be a big problem if Washington were not simultaneously involved in a global geopolitical standoff with Russia and China.

The combination of these factors is another major step towards ending America’s global hegemony.

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