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Trump comes unhinged on Iran nuclear deal

Crescent International

Monday October 15, 2017

Donald Trump has become totally unhinged. And he confirmed this yet again on October 13 when he announced that he would not certify Iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

The deal is not contingent on Trump’s certification or otherwise. That is the responsibility of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), whose chief, Yukiya Amano confirmed yet again on October 13 that Iran was in full compliance of the deal.

During negotiations leading to the signing of the agreement between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries comprising Russia, China, Britain, France, the US and Germany on January 16, 2015, Iran had insisted that the IAEA would be responsible for compliance.

The High Representative of the European Foreign and Security Policy, Frederica Mogherini was also part of the lengthy negotiations leading to the deal.

In a stinging rebuke to Trump, Ms Mogherini pointed out that the terms of the deal were certified in UN Security Council Resolution 2231 on 20 July 2015. Every member of the Security Council, including the US, had voted in favor of the resolution at the time.

Further, all parties to the agreement ratified the agreement under the specific legal mechanisms peculiar to each state. Thus, the US has no authority to unilaterally abrogate the agreement since it is not a bilateral agreement between Iran and the US; it is a multilateral agreement.

But who will educate Trump who has been described even by his own Secretary of State Rex Tillerson as a “f…ing moron”? A number of leading American psychiatrists have called Trump mentally deranged and, therefore, unfit to be president.

That, however, is a problem for the Americans to sort out but Trump is not and cannot be allowed to act as president of the world.

Trump’s refusal to certify Iran’s compliance in defiance of the IAEA is an entirely US domestic issue that cannot change the JCPOA status at the international level.

The American president is a Zionist lapdog. He does what his master in Tel Aviv demands of him. Not surprisingly, only two despicable and illegitimate regimes—one Zionist, the other Wahhabi—of all countries in the world, welcomed Trump’s announcement.

Trump made a number of outrageous allegations against Islamic Iran. He alleged that Iran is a supporter of terrorism; that it is building its missile capability in defiance of the JCPOA, that Iran was spreading its influence in the region threatening US interests and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps was a ‘terrorist outfit’.

Truth is, the US and its closest allies, especially Saudi Arabia and Zionist Israel are the biggest supporters of terrorism. Iran is a victim of terrorism and is among the few countries fighting the terrorist menace. The Revolutionary Guards are in the forefront of fighting the terrorists.

While Iran is building its missile capability, it has nothing to do with the nuclear deal. The two issues are completely unrelated. Iran is within its right to develop its defense capabilities to protect itself from such criminal regimes as those of the US and Israel.

After all, it is not Iran that overthrew an elected government in the US; it was the US through the CIA that overthrew a representative government in Iran in 1953 and then trained the SAVAK, the Shah’s torture police that perpetrated horrific crimes against the people of Iran.

Regarding Iran’s role in the region, it is within its right to build relations and increase its influence. Every country does that. Iran belongs to the region, not the US whose warships prowl the Persian Gulf threatening Iran’s naval vessels.

In his response to Trump’s threats, President Hassan Rouhani of Iran described him as “delusional” whose speech was “full of expletives and lies.”

If Trump re-imposes sanctions on Iran or walks away from the deal, Tehran has made clear that the agreement would be null and void if its interests are threatened.

Trump is like a monkey with a loaded gun; he will either blow his own brains or someone else’s. It is for the American establishment (alas, not the people that are helpless) to stop this madman from blowing up the world.

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