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Torture and murder in NATO “liberated” Libya


The truth about what is happening in “liberated” Libya is finally seeping through. Both Amnesty International and Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders) have confirmed that prisoners suspected of being Qaddafi sympathizers have been systematically tortured and killed. This is especially true of those Libyans who are from the south of the country and have darker complexion. They have been wrongly accused of being mercenaries from sub-Saharan countries.Inmates at a jail in Misrata have confirmed they were beaten, whipped, held in stress positions, and given electric shocks.

While the head of the city’s military council has dismissed the allegations — what else could he say?—the fact is that torture is rampant because of lawlessness in many parts of the country. The Libyan transitional government does not have full control everywhere, and certainly not the prisons where militias continue to torture and kill people routinely. Prison officials have admitted they are powerless to stop inmates being taken away for torture.

In-mates have said they were subjected to prolonged beatings and whipped with electric cables. In addition to militias, the new national army is also involved in such practices. Medecins Sans Frontieres has suspended its operations in the prisons in Misrata because it is unable to stop such abuses.“Torture is being carried out by officially recognized military and security entities as well as by a multitude of armed militias operating outside any legal framework,” according to a spokesman for Amnesty International. Welcome to NATO “liberated” Libya!

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