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The ‘Khorasan Brigade’ is coming!

Crescent International

America's latest bogey: the Khorasan Brigade emerges just in time to launch crusade against another Muslim country. Scaring Americans into surrendering their rights is a time tested policy. It never fails but it also reveals the criminal nature of American elite.

Washington DC, Crescent-online
Monday October 6, 2014, 22:23 DST

Khorasan who? Most Americans can be forgiven if they have never heard of the alleged group or what the historical significance of the name is.

The name has almost certainly been conjured up by the neo-cons, especially the Zionists to scare Americans into believing that they face an existential threat to their life, liberty and security.

To advance this agenda, FBI director James Comey has been speaking on various television programs warning of the imminent threat the group poses to the ‘homeland.’

On October 5, he appeared on the CBS television program, “60 Minutes” warning that the ‘Khorasan group’ is made of “serious people, bent on destruction” that plans to attack the US “very, very soon.”

Comey was not sure when the attack might occur: “tomorrow or three weeks or three months from now,” but he insisted it would strike.

American officialdom has historically scared the living daylights out of people into believing someone is coming. The purpose is to scare them into surrendering their rights to the rulers to ‘protect’ them from the latest threat.

In the 1950s, the Russians were coming; Hollywood even made a movie about it. Titled, ‘The Russians are coming,’ showed how American hillbillies were roused into picking up guns as a Russian freighter ploughed the Mississippi River!

In the sixties, it was the turn of the Arabs, followed by the Cubans, Palestinians, al Qaeda, Taliban, anybody so long as it kept the American people scared.

That nobody has come so far has not triggered concern among the majority to ask why it is being manipulated and to what purpose.

But now, they have hit upon a really serious issue that reflects the depth of Islamophobia infecting the US and indeed much of the western world.

The Khorasan Brigade (or group) does not really exist. No group within the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria/Levant (ISIS/ISIL) has ever used the name. That, however, has not deterred American propaganda.

Most analysts even in the US believe it is an American invention.

Khorasan refers to the region currently in Central Asia (there is also a province by this name in present-day Iran). The implication is that the latest threat comes from there.

What the warlords in Washington are preparing the American people for is perpetual war against Muslims using such bogey.

The short-term goal appears to be to create a pretext to attack Jabhat al-Nusra that is closely allied with “moderate” rebels that the US and its Arabian puppet rulers are supporting.

The US has launched air strikes in Iraq and Syria with the ostensible aim of attacking to “degrade and destroy” ISIL, in the words of President Barack Obama (September 10).

The real aim is to re-occupy Iraq and to overthrow the government of President Bashar al-Asad. The ultimate objective is to undermine and destroy the resistance front to Israel so that the Zionist regime would be safe.

The hypocrisy in this whole sordid affair, as even US Vice President Joe Biden admitted in his speech at Harvard University on October 2, is that ISIS/ISIL terrorists have been “funded and armed” by such US allies as Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

During the just-concluded Hajj, ISIL members even unfurled their flag at Mount Arafat. This was also briefly shown on Saudi television before the camera moved away. The US and Saudi Arabia are supposedly fighting against the group!

The US has now announced it will train more “moderate” Syrian rebels in Saudi Arabia, that shining example of freedom and democracy, to overthrow Asad. This what the US and its allies have been doing since 2012 and all the “moderate” rebels turned out to be not so moderate after all.

Let us, however, return to the Khorasan Brigade. American officials—military, intelligence etc—have claimed it is a faction of about 50 fighters of whom it killed some 30 in recent air strikes in northern Syria.

If true, that would leave about 20 Khorasan Brigade fighters. Would a group of 20 fighters, no matter how heavily armed, be able to fight the US and its “coalition of 40 countries” that has been assembled for the latest crusade?

And how can 20 fighters pose such a threat to the American people or homeland that it warrants the FBI director to go on television to warn of imminent danger?

There is no limit to the wickedness of the American ruling elite that is addicted to perpetual war. The only ingredient missing is a perpetual enemy.

The Khorasan Brigade comes in handy as a convenient bogey until another one is invented!


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