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The hapless Rohingya: Abandoned by Muslims and the world at large

Crescent International

Some human beings are less important than others. Take the case of the Rohingya Muslims that have been attacked, hacked to pieces and burnt alive by "peaceful" Buddhist monks. They have found few supporters and even less people willing to speak on their behalf. Even the Nobel Peace laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi refuses to speak for their rights. Pity the Rohingya Muslims adrift at sea, and indeed around the world.

Wednesday June 11, 2015, 09:47 DST

The 1.3 million Rohingya Muslims from Rakhine State in Myanmar (formerly Burma) are the unwanted people of the world. Made stateless by the Myanmar regime, they are forced out of their homes by angry Buddhist mobs unleashed after accusing the Rohingyas of all kinds of crimes they have not committed. Those that escape being hacked to death, are found drifting at sea on overcrowded boats—loaded with the human cargo that consists of men, women and children. Their emaciated bodies tell the story of their horrific experiences without uttering a single word.

Nobody wants them: not Myanmar where they have lived for centuries, not neighboring Bangladesh ruled by a vicious woman who is allergic to the very mention of the word Muslim and not by the rest of the Muslim world whose rulers are more concerned about killing rather than saving Muslims. Buddhist monks—yes those peaceful, would not hurt a fly Buddhists—have been egging their followers to attack the hapless Rohingya Muslims.

The “peaceful” Buddhists have done a great job. They have killed hundreds of innocent Rohingya Muslims including women and children. They have chopped the limbs of many Muslim babies and then set them on fire. Entire villages have been set on fire, in some case with the inhabitants still inside. Muslim businesses have similarly been trashed forcing the Rohingya Muslims to flee in fear. That is precisely the purpose of the Buddhist campaign: ethnic cleansing. This has become a useful tools in the hands of Islamophobes: the Serbs in Bosnia (1991-1995); the Zionists in Occupied Palestine (1948 – present) and the Buddhists in Myanmar (2012 – present).

For centuries, hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims have lived in Rakhine State that borders Bangladesh. The Myanmar regime accuses them of being Bangladeshis; the regime in Dhaka refuses to allow them in. While denied citizenship since 1982 by then military regime in Burma, the Rohingya have faced increased violence at the hands of the Buddhists since 2012. It all started with a rumor: that a Rohingya Muslim youth had raped a Buddhist girl. It was completely false but that did not deter a vicious Buddhist monk, one Ashin Virathu from launching his war on these hapless people.

Even if the rape allegation were true (it was not), why attack hapless villagers—women and children—and hack them to death for the alleged crime of one individual? While monk Ashin Virathu is the visible “face of Buddhist terror”, as described by the international media, he is not alone in this phobia. The monk, U Maung Maung is the real brain behind the terror campaign. He does not believe in the co-existence of religions.

Through his association, Ma Ba Tha, he picks on the hapless Rohingya Muslims, allegedly for "the protection of race and religion". According to Ma Ba Tha "the Bengalis", as he calls them, have no place in Myanmar. "They commit severe crimes," Maung alleges. He makes such scandalous allegations from his monastery on the outskirts of Yangon, Myanmar's economic hub. He further alleges that Muslims want to “Islamize” Myanmar. How one wonders if 90 percent of Myanmar’s 51 million inhabitants are Buddhists and only five million Muslims?

"They rape and try to marry as many of our women as possible," Maung alleges in support of his ludicrous assertion. His fellow racist monk, Ashin Virathu has for years run a campaign through the so-called “969” movement, to boycott Muslim shops and businesses. They put stickers with their logo on buildings that they claim should remain in Buddhist hands. Even the Myanmar regime has succumbed to this vicious propaganda.

President Thein Sein had submitted a package of proposed legislation by December 2014, with the aim of turning them into law before the presidential elections scheduled to take place in autumn. The law requires that any Buddhist woman that wishes to convert to another religion—in this case, Islam—must seek the written permission of a special authority. These laws are supposed to serve "the protection of race and religion," but Amnesty International has criticized them as being "discriminatory" and "contrary to fundamental human rights."

The state of anti-Muslim hysteria in Myanmar is so great that even Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Prize winner has refused to speak out in support of the Rohingya Muslims. She asserts they are not Burmese but Bengalis and have no place in Myanmar. Aung San Suu Kyi was the darling of the West when she was under house arrest and for her “courage” to oppose the military regime, she was awarded the Nobel Prize!

Even US President Barack Obama has remained silent. Myanmar has huge gas deposits. Besides, the West is trying to wean it away from the influence of China. If a few millions Rohingya Muslims have to be sacrificed, this is a price worth paying. Barbarism has no better definition. Pity the hapless Rohingya Muslims!


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