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Genocide of Rohingya Muslims by Myanmar army and Buddhist vigilantes

Crescent International

Monday September 5, 2017

Not the most civilized people, the Myanmar army and Buddhist vigilantes are involved in genocide of Rohingya Muslims. Nearly 90,000 have been forced to flee to neighboring Bangladesh since August 25.

At least 400 have been brutally murdered; perhaps many more since bodies are beginning to be discovered in streams and paddy fields across the war-ravaged Rakhine state.

Horrific reports and videos of women being raped and children’s throats being slit and left to bleed to death have emerged. Myanmar soldiers have been dragging hundreds of women to mosques where they are raped.

The women are then doused with kerosene and set on fire amid taunts as to why their God (the Rohingya Muslims’ God) does not come to help them?

Videos have also emerged in the social media where children and babies’ throats are slit and left to die of bleeding. Parents are forced to watch as their children’s limbs are hacked and left to die.

Human Rights Watch has captured aerial photos of entire villages being torched. In one picture, some 700 houses were set on fire and destroyed. Many people including children were burned alive inside these homes.

Aid agencies have stopped delivery of food aid in the most severely affected areas of Rakhine state in Myanmar because of lack of security.

Crescent International has received reports from the scene that tens of thousands of Rohingya have been forced to flee into the forest near the border with Bangladesh. Without food and shelter, they are extremely vulnerable.

Heavily armed Myanmar troops and Buddhist thugs armed with machetes have moved into the forest to attack and murder the fleeing Rohingyas.

If the Rohingyas come out, they will be killed; if they stay in hiding, they will starve to death.

Upon urging of the Turkish government, Bangladesh has opened its borders to the fleeing Rohingyas. Turkish President Recept Tayip Erdogan said on September 4 that Ankara would pay for the cost of taking care of the refugees in Bangladesh.

He also announced that Turkey together with Iran would raise the issue at a meeting of the Islamic Cooperation Organization (OIC) as well as at the UN.

Many Muslim countries including Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia have condemned what Erdogan called the genocide of Rohingya Muslims.

Myanmar’s de facto ruler, Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, has also been condemned not only for her silence but support of the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims.

Yanghee Lee, the UN’s special rapporteur on human rights in Myanmar has also criticised Suu Kyi, for failing to protect the Rohingya Muslim minority.

She described the situation in Rakhine as “really grave” and said it was time for Ms Suu Kyi to “step in”.

A petition has been launched urging the British Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn to charge Suu Kyi at the International Court of Justice. There is another petition demanding that she be stripped of her Nobel Peace Prize.

Hundreds of thousands of people have signed both petitions.

What is needed is not merely condemnation of the Myanmar regime and the hypocritical Suu Kyi but to impose international sanctions against the regime.

If the Muslim world were to take collective action, it could bring the murderous thugs to their knees and force them to stop the ethnic cleansing and barbaric killing of innocent men, women and children.

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