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Thank you, Donald Trump!

Donald Trump and his cabal of racists unmasked
Ronald Grundy

By electing the worst specimen among them—Donald Trump as president—the American people have exposed their true nature for which the world thanks them!

Right now, very few people in the world want to thank Donald Trump. But Iran’s leader Seyyed Ali Khamenei put it eloquently: the Islamic world should thank the US for “revealing the true face of America.” Not only did Imam Khamenei echo these words when Trump dared to threaten Iran, these sentiments reverberated across the rest of the Islamic world into Lebanon where Hizbullah leader Sayyid Hasan Nasrullah also mentioned it. In fact, the entire Iranian nation replied to the US threat with a military parade that openly dared this paper tiger to make a move.

Now that the Zionist enslaved US regime is again beating the drums of war and shouting at the top of its lungs, it begs the question not how this happened, but rather why it took so long for the US to unmask and show its true face of racism, bigotry, and hatred. One thing that was always apparent, for those who bothered to look closely, was that the US has always been an old boys club of white men, demanding and expecting white privilege at the expense of the rest of the world, be it in a dominating dollar, oil, arms, or even culture. The Republican white numbers at the ballot boxes have periodically installed Muslim murderers like George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan with little regard to how the US economy was battered for their twisted ideology.

Today, violence is taking shape at the grassroots level against Mexicans, African Americans, and Muslims, spin-doctored as nationalism from those in Trump’s alt-right cabal. These are the core members of a shadow government choosing not to live and let live, or to believe, but instead choosing their founding-fathers’ freemasonic ways of retaining power through brutality and oppression.

It is not surprising that Trump can dismiss the mainstream media “fake news” outlets. After all, he has the ear of the white Christian faithful through an “alt-fake-news” network of right-wing radio talkshows, a one-line Twitter account, and the blessing of Steve Bannon’s “alternative news” sites — the same combination that demonised the other freemason, Hillary Clinton, long before she even announced her ambition for the White House.

This unmasked hatred began way back when the Lord replaced one people with another, and changed the qiblah away from Jerusalem to Makkah. The fallen child has since been throwing tantrums and has morphed into the Zionist monster that is now fuelling the alt-right movement masquerading as nationalism. Islam is its specific target. The movement, which took off in 2016, the year of heightened hatred toward Islam, was sold as a practical reaction from those who see the rise of Iran as a threat to the Christian faithful, or Israel, depending on where you are on the pay scale.

In his first official trip to Europe, US Vice President Mike Pence addresses the 53rd Munich Security Conference, in Germany, 2-18-2017. In a bid to pressure the Europeans to fork out some cash, he implied that America’s role as Europe’s security guarantor should not be taken for granted, especially against existential threats from Russia and Iran. There are a number of reasons why the US would like to see Iran destroyed over the coming years. The Israeli connection stands as one obvious reason the US has maintained an anti-Iran posture for nearly two decades. More immediately, Iran has recently announced that it will be dropping the US dollar for some other currency or basket of currencies beginning March 21st, a sure sign that a Western war of aggression is most definitely on the horizon.

This beating of the drum of nationalism is further echoing across the seas to Europe’s far right that is busily and opportunistically projecting Islam as an imminent “danger” to its way of life. Of course, there are the useful idiots — the petro-dollar funded Wahhabis — who are conveniently playing the role of the wild savages who cannot be reasoned with. Nonetheless, their Saudi sponsors got a free pass when Trump banned so-called terrorists from the US his first week in office. Perhaps space has opened up for a “huge” Trump Tower in Makkah and Madinah; after all, he does not want to antagonize the friend of his Zionist friends for fear of being labelled an Islamophobe. Or perhaps he subscribes to that old mantra that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Given their hatred for people of darker skin, like Bangladeshis, the world would not be surprised when Bani Saud become true and “huge” friends with Donald Trump, both unmasking their true intentions. Already murmurs are making the rounds that Iran, and not Israel or their ISIS cousins, is regarded as the real threat to the “whole Muslim world.” As if Iranian Shi‘is, Sufis, or anyone not a Wahhabi head-chopper is not to be considered as part of the Muslim world.

This kind of propaganda was seen at work on February 18th at the Munich Security Conference when the Europeans witnessed, firsthand, naked US aggression. However it was met with little applause when US Vice President Mike Pence aggressively postured the US as the saviour of Europe, its leader in all things military, and its protector from Iran. It seems the Europeans were looking to build bridges and not walls with the outside world, while the US was hoping white nationalism would force Muslims out of their countries, touting themselves as the only ones who speak for America. The following day at the same security conference, Israel’s Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman squarely placed the blame for all Middle Eastern problems on Iran, stating that the three problems facing the Middle East were Iran, Iran, Iran.

It is no longer ironic that Israel looked to Saudi Arabia to back it up, since both Bani Saud and their Zionist masters have for years usurped the lands and rights of others, making them brothers in Ωulm and oppression like never before. In a bid to scare Iran and those looking to open friendly bridges, the Zionists pulled the strings, literally, and US Vice President Mike Pence blurted out how Israel, and only Israel in this whole world, is due for special protection from the USA.

Programmed with the same virus infecting Trump, Lieberman pressed the point home that Iran, and only Iran in this whole world is an evil terrorist. Well, one man’s terrorist has always been another man’s freedom fighter. Which side of history are these freemasons’ children speaking from?

But all is not well on the home front to launch an attack on a country like Iran. Since Trump is desperately scrambling to hold onto a cabinet that most Republicans are refusing to be a part of, it begs the larger question whether he can hold on to a splintered and angry country while plugging all the holes that are “wiki-leaking” from his inner circle. It did not help when he went on live televisions for 77 minutes ranting about the unfairness of the very media he chose to speak to. It also begs the question of whether his alt-right views on Iran will be believed by the rest of America. Or perhaps there is a hidden power extinguishing the flames of war each time this unmasked freemason with a forked tongue tries to kindle the fire.

Throughout the noble Qur’an, parables are given of evil men who confront men of truth with threats and labels. This was evident in the Prophet’s (pbuh) time when the Quraysh would bite their fingertips in rage against him. Not just Islam but all the world’s religions prophesize the fall of arrogant empires when their people first turn in rage against those who have yielded to God’s counsel. Now that true Islam can see the real face of America exposed for all the world to stare in fixated horror, fighting the munafiq dressed in Christian pilgrim’s garb and waving a violent stick is so much easier. For now, Islam stands where Prophet Noah (a) once stood, at the point where he could talk no more, and divine action was all that was left.

While the Christian West uses the rise of Islamic Iran as a rallying cry to vote a madman into power, it is also a point when the books of hadith referred to an ummah that would stand as the last bastion of resistance against an unbelievable rage coming from the West. So Imam Seyyed Ali Khamenei is right. Islam should thank Trump for showing the rest of the world America’s true nature. After all, one can only defeat an enemy one can see. And here stands racist white America, exposed for what it really is, with the worst amongst them as their leader.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 46, No. 1

Jumada' al-Akhirah 02, 14382017-03-01

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