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Week In Review

Syrian intellectual shares his predictions on post-coronavirus world

The emerging multi-polar world order highlights that Western thinkers like Francis Fukuyama are not the only ones who have the world’s attention. Now some Western institutions want to hear thinkers other than those dedicated to peddling the US imperialist narrative.

Washington based al-monitor.com published AFP’s interview with one of the Arab world’s leading intellectuals Imad Fawzi Shueibi, Damascus University professor in theory of knowledge.

In his interview, Professor Shueibi pointed out that “fundamental change on many levels—economic, political, intellectual and social—will not stop when it ends. An unexpected event sparked that change, like a butterfly effect, in which a simple event leads to very dramatic widespread change, just like the Austrian crown prince's assassination just before the First World War… At the end of the Second World War, there were winners and losers. But today, a new world order could be established, one in which everyone is a loser. This demands a pattern of cooperation between countries completely different from that which emerged after the Second World War.”

It should be noted that throughout the proxy war against Syria, Professor Shueibi remained in Syria and supported the government. This fact demolishes another corporate fairy-tale that all progressive thinkers in Syria supported the “revolution.”

Courtesy: al-monitor.com, AFP

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