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Syrian army drive terrorists out of several towns in Aleppo province

Crescent International

As the Syrian army makes steady progress on the ground in Aleppo and elsewhere in the country, Syrian opposition groups and their foreign sponsors conspire to sabotage the peace talks, albeit indirect, in Geneva. Talks were suspended today when opposition groups refused to meet the UN Special envoy, Staffan de Mistura. It was pointless to continue with the charade if no one was talking to each other.

Amman, Crescent-online.net
Wednesday February 03, 2016, 18:49 EST

As Syrian forces broke the siege of two major towns in the northern province of Aleppo today liberating the towns from the clutches of foreign-backed terrorists, the UN special envoy for Syria announced in Geneva that peace talks had been suspended.

Syrian forces punched through terrorist defence lines in Nubbul and Zahra, ending the three-and-a-half-year siege of the towns and reaching the beleaguered residents trapped for so long. Al-Qaeda-backed al-Nusra Front was driven out of both towns.

Earlier in the day, Syria’s state television announced that Syrian forces had cut off the terrorists’ major supply lines between the two towns and the nearby village of Maarasta al-Khan. The terrorists' supply route from Syria was also blocked.

Pro-government forces also managed to seize control of some villages in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, including al-Owaynat and Job al-Kalb. The latter village is located near the Kweiris air base, whose siege the Syrian forces managed to break several months ago.

As Russian planes bomb terrorist positions in Aleppo, Latakia, Hama and Homs provinces, Syrian forces are making major gains on the ground.

It was progress by Syrian government forces that led the opposition groups to call off the indirect peace talks in Geneva only two days after they started. Syria’s UN ambassador, Bashar al Jafaari, who heads the government delegation, said opposition groups are not serious about the talks. He also accused Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar of sabotaging the talks by dictating to their puppets in the Syrian opposition not to participate in earnest or putting forward any realistic proposals beyond the outlandish claims they have been making.

The UN Special envoy, Staffan de Mistura warned that if the talks fail, Syria would be plunged into an even worse disaster from which nobody can come out unscathed. Putting a brave face of the collapse of talks, he said they had 'not failed', only suspended. Dr Mistura said the talks would resume on February 25.

He made the announcement after Riyad Hijab, head of the so-called High Negotiations Committee (HNC)—what is so high about it was not clear—arrived in Geneva today to huddle with the motley collection of groups operating under the umbrella of the HNC. This body is also referred to as the Riyadh Group, taking its name from the fact that it is Saudi Arabia that is dictating its policy.

Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar do not want the talks to succeed despite the fact that the terrorists they are backing are losing on the ground and are on the run. Russia’s bombing raids have seriously degraded the terrorists’ ability as well as cut off their supply lines from Turkey.

Terrorist leaders have sent urgent appeals to their foreign sponsors to send weapons in view of their precarious position in Aleppo. This confirms, yet again, that the war on Syria is foreign-instigated. Saudi Arabia and turkey are the principal instigators of the mayhem. They seem obsessed with overthrowing the legitimate government of Syria and install their own puppets in power in Damascus.

As the terrorists were on the run, Turkey unleashed a barrage of artillery fire and missiles into Syria. There are fears that Turkish President Recept Tayip Erdogan facing a total failure of his Syria policy may send the Turkish army instigating a larger war in the region.

The collapse of the Geneva talks—de Mistura insists it is a “temporary pause”—has made the prospects of direct Turkish military aggression all the more likely given the successes of the Syrian army on the ground. Should that happen, the entire region may go up in flames.

Is Erdogan prepared for that to realize his megalomaniac dreams?

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