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Saudis make a grand retreat over cultural event in Ottawa

Crescent International

Canadians will not be able to see Saudi camels on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, after all. The Saudi embassy abruptly cancelled the so-called cultural event citing "logistical reasons". Really, or they feared massive protests that would have exposed their true nature as barbarians and public head-choppers? Whatever the reason, no camels in Ottawa this spring or summer. Good!

Friday May 27, 2016, 23:19 DST

The Najdi Bedouins are not only barbaric but also cowards of the highest order. They had planned a ‘cultural’ festival in Ottawa that was to last for three days (May 18-21) but under intense public pressure and condemnation over the $15 billion arms deal with Canada, the Saudis made a grand retreat.

Naturally, the Saudis put forward the excuse that the event was postponed due to “logistical reasons”. What could those logistical reasons be?

Were they unable to find the musicians and dancers that were supposed to perform on Parliament Hill and in the Ottawa Museum? Or was it because no airline was willing to transport the camels from the desert?

A spokesman at the Saudi embassy in Ottawa put up a brave face by claiming that the event was not cancelled because of fear of protesters. So what was it, really?

Ever since it became public that Canada was supplying $15 billion worth of Light Armored Vehicles (LAV) to the medieval kingdom that has been called one of the worst human rights offenders by Freedom House and other human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, the Saudi regime has been on the defensive.

The overwhelming majority of Canadians are opposed to the deal because they see the regime as oppressive and barbaric. In early January, it executed 46 people among them the respected Islamic scholar and activist, Sheikh Nimr al Nimr. His ‘crime’ was to demand that all people in the kingdom should be treated equally.

This was enough to get him a death sentence and he was executed together with three other people from the Eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula that is predominantly Shia. The Saudi regime said the other 42 or 43 people executed were members of al Qaeda.

The Ottawa event was meant to show case the cultural side of the medieval kingdom that is universally reviled as oppressive and barbaric. The Saudi embassy in Ottawa had already spent millions of dollars in preparation for the event that was cancelled at the last minute.

Aware of public pressure, Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion’s office had said he would not be attending the “Saudi Cultural Days in Canada.”

Did Dione’s refusal to attend the event prove to be proverbial straw that broke the Saudi camel’s back? We would never know since the camels did not make it to Ottawa.

Few would miss the Saudi cultural event since the only thing the barbarians from Najd know is chopping people’s heads. And Canadians seem to be in no mood to watch the display of such barbarism.

Good riddance to the barbarians’ medieval practices.


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