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Najdi Bedouins want to showcase their culture to Canadians!

Crescent International

This is not a joke: the head choppers are coming to Parliament Hill in Ottawa to display their culture. And what does the Bedouin culture include? They say there will be presentation of dances (by men only, of course), music, artwork and food. If they are honest, they should also bring some head choppers to display their skills on Parliament Hill. We can think of a number of candidates that need their heads separated from their bodies!

Wednesday April 4, 2016, 10:21 DST

The Najdi Bedouins (aka the House of Saud or Bani Saud) want to showcase their culture to Canadians. The primitive regime led by savages from Najd plan to send some 100 dancers—yes, you read that correctly—dancers, artists and other performers to Canada to soften the terrible image of the Bedouins that have gained notoriety for public head choppings and unleashing organ eaters around the world.

Do the Bedouins have any cultural traits? Most Canadians would be left scratching their heads. It seems the Bedouins have hired a public relations firm, no doubt under advice from their Zionist masters, to try and soften their image in Canada where a huge controversy is swirling about the $15 billion arms deal with the regime.

The Saudi dancers will perform on the lawns of Parliament Hill on May 19. Other activities include Arabic calligraphy and Arab cuisine on a four-day cultural exhibition that will be launched on May 18 and will last till May 21.

It is safe to assume that there will be no female dancers among the Saudi troupe. After all, if women are not allowed even to drive in Saudi Arabia or show their faces in public, how can they perform in front of men to whom they are not related?

And what cuisine would the Bedouins offer Canadians—true, free of charge—camel meat and rice? Perhaps some dates would bring up the rear but the Bedouins are not known for culinary delights. Besides, there are plenty of Lebanese restaurants in Ottawa offering a wide variety of excellent Arabic food that the Bedouins cannot come close.

But here is a suggestion for the Bedouins. They should bring some of the head choppers that wield their swords with such finesse in public when they want to behead foreign maids on false charges of adultery or murder. Now that would be a true reflection of Saudi Bedouin culture!

Imagine a number of Saudi head choppers performing their ghastly ritual on the lawns of Parliament Hill. This would give the average Canadian a better sense of what goes on in the opaque kingdom.

And as for some volunteers to have their heads separated from their bodies, one can think of a number of suitable candidates that would easily be found on Parliament Hill.

We can begin with Stephen Harper and his bosom pal Jason Kenney. We can also throw in Mike Duffy. Now Duffy would be a good test case for the head choppers. They first have to locate his neck amid all that flab.

The senator, just set free by an Ottawa court on finance scandal charges, would be a real challenge for the head choppers to display their skills. There is little doubt the head choppers, with endless hours of practice at home, would not find it difficult.

Imagine all that blood on the lawns of Parliament Hill. What is a river of blood between friends? Some of it might even find its way into the Ottawa River and the Rideau Canal.

After all, Canadian weapons have been sold to the Najdi Bedouins that have spilled the blood of thousands of innocent people in Bahrain and Yemen. Another batch of $15 billion worth of weapons would be sent to the savages soon.

John Capobianco, Fleishman-Hillard’s national lead consultant for public affairs, believes the cultural event is a good idea for the Saudi embassy in Ottawa. Its job is to promote close, positive ties with Canada. “It never hurts countries to come in and showcase themselves to decision-makers within Canada,” Capobianco said tactfully. Indeed.
One wonders how much did the Saudis pay the PR firm Fleishman-Hillard to try and polish the Bedouins’ jaded image.

Money talks, even if it is dirty money, as the Saudis’ surely is. It is money stolen from the people in a country where poverty is touching nearly 50 percent of the population.


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