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Saudi prince caught at Beirut airport smuggling drugs

Crescent International

Members of Bani Saud (aka House of Saud) are rotten to the core but how rotten can be gleaned from their recent activities. 'Prince' Abdel Mohsen bin Walid was caught earlier today smuggling two tonnes of drugs through Beirut Airport on their way to Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. His 'royal highness' is in custody but Saudi agents in Lebanon are trying to secure his release. How corrupt and depraved can these people get?


Monday October 26, 2015, 15:39 DST

They are usually found in the nightclubs of Europe consorting with prostitutes. They also consume large quantities of alcohol but smuggling drugs? This is a new low even for the degenerate Saudi royal family. Saudi prince Abdel Mohsen bin Walid bin Abdulaziz was arrested with four others earlier today at the Rafik Hariri International Airport after Lebanese officials found two tonnes of pills branded as Captagon which were due to be loaded onto a private jet.

The drugs were packed in 40 suitcases and were to be loaded onto a private plane headed to the Saudi capital, Riyadh. Lebanese officials say this is the largest drug smuggling bust in the country’s history.

Would ‘Prince’ Abdel Mohsen bin Walid face the full rigor of law in Lebanon as any ordinary drug smugglers would? Highly unlikely since Saudi agents in Lebanon led by former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri have sprung into action to save the ‘prince.’ Hariri, whose father Rafik Hariri (also a former prime minister) carried a Saudi passport, is trying to provide a Lebanese diplomatic passport to ‘Prince’ Abdel Mohsen to save his skin.

Hariri has been in contact with the Saudi embassy in Beirut but more importantly, has asked former Prime Minister Fouad Siniore to facilitate issuing a diplomatic passport to the ‘Saudi prince’ through the Lebanese Interior Ministry. The Lebanese daily, Addiyar reported this today. The plan, according the Lebanese daily is that once ‘Prince’ Abdel Mohsen, the drug smuggler, gets a diplomatic passport, it will give him diplomatic immunity from prosecution. Instead, one of his aides will be charged with drug trafficking.

The Mustaqbil (Future) movement headed by Hariri has close links with the Saudi regime. Many see it as a front for the Saudi regime and its policy of creating fitna and divisions among Muslims. There are clearly different laws for different people. If you are royalty, then a whole lot of people will spring into action to save you from prosecution. Last month, a Saudi diplomat was whisked out of India despite clear evidence against him for imprisoning and repeatedly raping two domestic servants for months. The women age 30 and 50 were from Nepal.

Majed Hassan Ashoor was first secretary at the Saudi embassy in Delhi but not from the royal family. Even so he escaped prosecution and was allowed to leave the country on September 17.

This time, a member of the royal family has been caught smuggling two tonnes of drugs but he will escape punishment.


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