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Pro-Zionist Islamophobic magazine, Charlie Hebdo in exploitation mode

Crescent International

Charlie Hebdo is cashing in on the blood of its slain journalists and cartoonists. And it continues to be as provocative as before realizing that insulting the Prophet (pbuh) sells well because most people have been turned into Islamophobes.

Paris, Crescent-online
Wednesday January 14, 2015, 10:38 EST

Within hours of hitting Newstands across France on Wednesday, the pro-Zionist Islamophobic French magazine, Charlie Hebdo, was sold out, all 700,000 copies of the first run of three million copies. This will be increased to five million copies.

The Islamophobic magazine plans to publish English, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and Turkish versions as well.

Its regular run is a mere 60,000. Great way to cash in on the blood of slain journalists and cartoonists!

And to continue the provocations, it again published a cartoon of the Prophet (pbuh) although this one was not as offensive as its previous cartoons.

The latest cartoon featured the Prophet (pbuh) with a tear in his eye, holding a “Je Suis Charlie” sign under the headline “All is forgiven”.

Last Sunday a million people marched in Paris in “support” of “freedom of expression” but such freedom is only available to those that want to assault Islam and its revered personalities.

The line-up of war criminals leading the march—Benjamin Netanyahu, David Cameron and Francois Holllande etc—was a clear indication that the march had nothing to do with “freedom of expression” per se. It was to assert Western cultural imperialism and colonialism on other societies.

Amid the marchers were also a number of Middle Eastern potentates such as King Abdullah II who has clamped down on a number of websites in his country. Where is the freedom of expression there?

When Tom Willcox of the BBC reporting live from the march asked an Israeli woman about Jews killing Palestinians, there was extremely strong reaction against his question and calls for his resignation!

Willcox was forced to apologize for daring to ask a question at a rally for “freedom of expression”!

Let us repeat this: the march was for “freedom of expression” because it is supposed to be a cherished Western “value”. Let us accept it at face value.

What was so offensive about Willcox’s question that there were calls for his resignation? He merely asked a question about the Jewish oppression of Palestinians.

The argument used against Willcox was that he lampooned all Jews with the murderous Zionists.

Good point. Isn’t this what the West is doing against Muslims all the time? Why are demands being made of Muslims everywhere to condemn the Paris murderers otherwise they would be considered accomplices in their crime?

Even if we ignore the give away signs about the identity of the perpetrators—they were wearing masks to hide their identity but one of them left his ID card in the getaway car!—the claim to uphold “freedom of expression” is completely false.

When comedian Dieudonne Mbala Mbala wrote on his Facebook “I feel like Charlie Coulibaly”, the French police immediately arrested him.

No “freedom of expression” there, right? Mbala is black and he dared point to the contradiction in Western attitudes.

Amedy Coulibaly was involved in kidnapping people at the Jewish shop. He was shot dead together with some of the hostages.

Mbala was mixing the official mantra “Je Suis Charlie” with the slain supermarket gunman.

Charlie Hebdo can insult the Prophet (pbuh) but a comedian cannot even link ‘Charlie’ with the kidnapper!

The French Justice Ministry has opened more than 50 cases against people accused of “condoning terrorism”.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on January 13 that the country was now engaged in a “war on terrorism”.

In a virtual give-away, he said France would strengthen its anti-terrorism laws.

Would strengthened anti-terrorism laws have prevented the Paris attack? The alleged (now dead) gunmen were known to French intelligence. They had been questioned earlier.

The two were also on the US’ no fly watch list. How did they manage to go to Syria to join the terrorists there and then return to France?

And what role did French intelligence as well as the intelligence agencies of a number of other Western countries played—and continue to do so even today—in recruiting terrorists to fight in Syria?

The US, France, Britain, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan and a host of other countries are complicit in creating these terrorists and must accept responsibility for their murderous attacks.

We must also return to the question of the perpetrators’ identity. Can one really believe that people on a suicide mission with their faces covered with masks would take there ID cards and then conveniently leave them behind in the car?

This is of the same order as Mohamed Atta’s passport recovered from the World Trade Centre rubble in September 2001.

This claim was made by New York Police Chief Norm Kelly on CNN.

Let us consider this is slow motion. The world was told that the heat from the fire that “engulfed” the building was so intense when the plane slammed into it that it melted the steel columns causing the building to collapse.

If so, how could the paper passport survive? And Atta on a suicide mission took his passport with him?

We were even told two days after 911 by Dan Rather of CBS, no less, that an “Arabic” flying manual was recovered from Mohamed Atta’s car at Logan airport parking lot.

Are there flying manuals in Arabic? Further, what good would a flying manual be to a would-be hijacker if he leaves it in his car!

Let us return to the Paris attackers. If they were so competent that they could carry out a professional operation on an office in the heart of Paris with their faces covered, how could they leave behind an ID card?

What would someone’s ID card be doing on a car seat?

Western regimes need to come clean and confess that they are the real accomplices in these criminal activities with the express aim of clamping down hard on people’s freedoms because an increasing number of citizens are waking up to the crimes and theft of people’s resources they are involved in.


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