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Palestinian hunger striker Khalil Awawdeh on verge of death in Israeli detention

Crescent International

On the verge of death, Khalil Awawdeh has been held illegally by the zionist occupiers of Palestine under what is called administrative detention. He has spent 13years in Israeli dungeons.

Khalil Awawdeh, a Palestinian held without charge by the zionist regime under what is called “administrative detention” is on the verge of death.

He has been on hunger strike since March 2022 reducing his body to a mere skeleton.

Doctors have warned that the 40-year-old Palestinian fromIdhna village, near al-Khalil (Hebron) in the Israeli occupied West Bank, faces imminent death.

He has been held in an Israeli prison without charge since his arrest from his house in December 2021.

Arrested five times in his life, this father of four has spent a total of 13 years in Israeli prisons.

The European Union delegation to the Palestinians expressed shock on August 28 when it saw pictures of Awawdeh’s frail body.

The pictures were shared by his wife who visited him in hospital earlier in the day.

Israel has accused Awawdeh of being an activist of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) group which the zionist regime attacked last month in Gaza.

The Islamic resistance movement said after the Israeli onslaught that it had reached an understanding with the zionist regime to release Awawdeh and Bassam al-Saadi, a senior PIJ figure from Jenin, as part of a ceasefire agreement.

This followed Israel’s three-day military aggression against the Gaza Strip in which Israeli planes fired missiles and dropped bombs on apartment buildings killing 48 civilians, among them 18 children.

Hundreds of Palestinian civilians were injured.

The zionist regime is holding 4,450 Palestinian prisoners in various jails, among them 560 held under what is referred to as “administrative detention”.

This illegal and highly controversial policy is used to detain Palestinians without charge or trial for three to six months.

The detention can be extended by another six months by a military court without giving any reason.

This can go on endlessly. Some Palestinians have been held for decades.

There is no possibility of appeal or what the charges against the detainee are to defend himself/herself properly.

Such lawlessness has enabled the zionist occupiers to hold Palestinians for decades.

Others are killed for protesting against Israeli raids into their homes, usually in the middle of the night.

Many Palestinian prisoners are forced to go on hunger strike to draw attention to their plight and press for their freedom.

Calls for the release of Palestinian prisoners have grown louder and spread worldwide.

In addition to the EU, many human rights organizations have also joined calls to release these Palestinian prisoners.

The zionist occupiers of Palestine dismiss such calls because of their arrogance and the support western regimes extend to them.

The only solution to zionist criminality is to confront it with force and put an end to such racist policies.

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