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Obama, the Nobel peace laureate, has war on his mind!

Crescent International

When the west says peace, it means war. Consider the drumbeating in Washington that has just got louder as Barack Obama prepares to make an important announcement about extending the bombing campaign into Syria from Iraq. The pretext for this latest belligerence is the group of takfiris rampaging through the region. They are a creation of the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia but a handy tool to advance western war agenda.

Washington DC, Crescent-online
Wednesday September 10, 2014, 14:57 DST

President Barack Obama, winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, is due to make a televised address to the American people tonight. It is not difficult to surmise what he will say.

Enough information can be gleaned from his statements and those of other officials as well as media pundits that the US is about to get involved in another extended war in the Middle East. The New York Times reported today that Obama will announce a bombing campaign in Syria, a move already denounced by the Syrian media (see Al Baath, Al-Thawr and Tishrin newspapers of September 9).

The US is already conducting bombing raids, allegedly against the takfiri terrorists, but also against other targets in Iraq.

The real plan is to launch air strikes against Syria. The argument advanced is that it is not possible to degrade the takfiris that now call themselves the ‘Islamic State’ (previous name the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham/Levant—ISIS/ISIL) by confining the attacks to Iraq.

American Secretary of State John Kerry is currently huddled with ministers from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates in a meeting in Jeddah to involve regional countries in US plans. The meeting will last until Thursday.

While publicly decrying the rise of the takfiris, some of these regimes are financing the takfiris. (barring Egypt and Jordan because both are already basket cases, the others have lent much financial support. So what is Kerry trying to accomplish through the illegitimate Arabian regimes?

The US needs a regional cover for another illegal war in the Middle EAst. When Kerry spoke in Newport, Wales during the Nato summit over the weekend, he announced a coalition of the ‘seriously willing’. Even pipsqueak Canada said it was ending 100 Special Forces advisors to Iraq!

Aware that Canadians have no appetite for more wars—Afghanistan was a major disaster—Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a rightwing ideologue, does not want to be seen not doing his share to advance the western imperial agenda.

The takfiris are a creation of US, Israel and Saudi Arabia. For nearly three years, money, materiel and advisors have been provided to the terrorists operating in Syria. Nato member Turkey has acted as a conduit to ferry arms and allow the flow of mercenaries into Syria to bring down the government of President Bashar al-Asad.

While the Saudi grand mufti, Sheikh Abdulaziz al-Sheikh, has described the takfiris as a serious ‘threat’, this has not deterred Saudis from donating huge sums to the takfiris. Nor is the Saudi regime going after them seriously. Instead, there is ample evidence that the Saudis have sent hundreds of millions of dollars worth of weapons to them.

The takfiri leadership has strong ties to American intelligence. John McCain met Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi when the hawkish American senator sneaked illegally into Syria in May 2013. McCain could not have been unaware of who al-Baghdadi is even if the Americans’ favourite at the time, General Salim Idriss was the real contact point.

Idriss of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) has since fled Syria because the takfiris have taken over most of the weapons and also control large swathes of eastern Syria. The fiction peddled by the Americans that they are only helping ‘moderate’ rebels no longer holds. There is no such animal called a ‘moderate rebel.’

The American-Israeli-Saudi plan to overthrow Asad has suffered several reverses. The June 2014 election was a tight slap on their collective faces when the Syrian people voted overwhelmingly in favour of Asad. The vile western propaganda was in fact exposed several days before the June 3 election when hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees in Lebanon streamed to the Syrian embassy to cast ballot on May 28.

There was no pressure on the Syrian refugees in Lebanon to vote whatever way they wanted, an excuse used against Syrians inside Syria alleging that they feared the regime or were pressured into voting for Asad. Independent international observers confirmed that there were jubilant crowds wherever they went to observe polling. There were no troops or other coercive methods used against anyone.

Despite these setbacks, the Americans have not given up. The agenda for regime change in Syria is now being pursued by allegedly going after the takfiris that have appropriately shown their beastly nature by public beheadings of two American journalists. There is, however, considerable scepticism about whether the beheadings actually took place as shown in the videos (there is no doubt about the killings, only about the manner and timings of the two journalists’ death).

To disrupt and destroy the Middle East is the Zionist plan. Iraq and Libya have already been destroyed (Libya is already dubbed a failed state). Syria has also been seriously degraded. All this works to Israel’s advantage.

The real aim is to weaken Islamic Iran because it has chalked out an independent policy and despite paying a huge price in financial terms, it has stood its ground and thwarted American-zionist plans.

The obscurantist Saudis are also part of this diabolical plot. Will the Americans succeed in Syria? It is an open question and much will depend on how countries like Russia and Iran respond to this latest challenge to their interests.


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