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‘New Year’ ushered with more gruesome killings by takfiris in Iraq

Crescent International

There is no let up in the US-Saudi-Zionist-backed takfiris' murderous campaign in Iraq. The Christian New Year was ushered in with more killings of innocents. The year 2014 was declared the bloodiest since 2007 according to figures released by the UN. The year 2015 looks like even bloodier unless the takfiri terrorists are stopped in their tracks and put out of business, and soon.

Baghdad, Crescent-online
Sunday January 4, 2015, 18:27 EST

A wave of sectarian violence has struck Iraq in the first few days of 2015, setting a grim precedent for the New Year of the Gregorian calendar.

At least 65 people have been reported killed in separate incidents across Iraq, many of which involve the takfiri terrorist group that uses the acronym, ISIS or ISIL.

For instance, almost two dozen bullet-ridden bodies were discovered dumped in the Djila river, a crime that nearby villagers attribute to ISIS’s ongoing attempts to spread its reign of terror.

In the town of Yathrib in Balad, seven volunteer fighters were killed in a booby-trapped house. The takfiri terrorists seized 170 men in northern Iraq on Friday, while searching for people who burned its flag.

The men were taken from the villages of Al-Shajara and Gharib in Kirkuk province. ISIS often employs policies of mass arrests and executions in order to spread terrori with the aim of crippling resistance in the area.

The takfiris also killed three policemen in southeastern Tikrit, after kidnapping them. Three bodies of Turkmen were also discovered in the district of Tuz, murdered by the takfiris.

Two civilians were shot dead in Baquba. In addition, pitched battles are currently going on between the Iraqi army and the ISIS takfiris in Habbaniyah: an ISIS suicide bomber detonated a car bomb in Fallujah.

The ongoing bloodletting in Iraq has reached epic proportions. Last year, violence in Iraq claimed the lives of at least 12, 282 civilians according to estimates by the United Nations, making 2014 the deadliest year in Iraq since 2007.

Most of the deaths were caused by the plague of takfiri terrorists. This estimate is believed to be conservative—experts note that the actual numbers is probably a lot higher.

“Yet again, the Iraqi ordinary citizen continues to suffer from violence and terrorism… This is a very sad state of affairs,” Nickolay Mladenov, head of the UN political mission in Iraq said.

The takfiri terrorists have taken control of large areas of Iraq, including Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city.

Iraq Body Count, a Britain-based NGO tracking violence in Iraq, cited an even higher toll, noting that 17,073 civilians have been killed.

“For Iraqis, it has been the most difficult and painful of years because of the attack of the terrorist gangs,” Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in a New Year's speech, referring to ISIS takfiris wreaking havoc across the country.


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