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More Qur’an burnings by American soldiers


It seems the Americans never miss an opportunity to get sadistic pleasure out of humiliating Muslims. If it is not physical abuse like torture and rape, they are busy burning copies of the Qur’an. Muslims have immense regard for the noble Book — the Word of Allah (swt) — and treat it with great respect but the Americans feel they can trample on Muslim sensitivities with impunity.

The latest episode occurred at Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan, which the Americans use as a prison, torture, and forced assimilation chamber. Recent reports of Qur’an burnings by American soldiers and then dumping them in the garbage have inflamed Afghan passions. Even President Hamid Karzai, viewed by many as an American puppet, was forced to condemn the sacrilegious act. The Taliban issued a statement condemning it and said this was the tenth time the Americans had indulged in such criminal behaviour. There were massive protests outside Bagram and in other places across the country with people demanding that all foreigners leave immediately.

In typical fashion, the American military said an “inquiry” would be held. Numerous past inquiries about American soldiers violating the Afghans’ cultural norms have yielded no results. It would be unrealistic to expect anything different this time.

The people’s reaction shows they are fed up with the Americans and their brutal ways and wish them booted out of the country. The latest Qur’an burning episode will further strengthen their resolve to get rid of the savage Americans.

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