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More death sentences handed down in Egypt

Crescent International

It is difficult to tell who is worse: the men in uniform or those in robes on the benches in Egypt? Both kill innocent people for no other crime than demanding their fundamental rights. The men in uniform kill with guns and bullets while those in robes sentence people to death in trials that are so outlandish, they cannot even be described as farcical. In the photo, Mohamed Badie, Murshid (supreme guide) of the Ikhwan is shown in a court cage.


Monday April 28, 2014, 16:47 DST

Judges in Egypt have clearly lost their mind. In Minya today, another batch of 683 people, accused of being alleged supporters of the banned Muslim Brotherhood have been sentenced to death. The list includes the Murshid (supreme guide) of the Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie as well as 77 other members of the Ikhwan.

These outrageous sentences come on the heels of 529 people, also alleged supporters of the Brotherhood, that were sentenced to death last month in the same city by the same judge. Judge Saeed Youssef, dubbed the “butcher”, confirmed the death sentences of 37 of the 529 previously sentenced people.

The rest were sentenced to 25 years in prison. Defence lawyers boycotted the proceedings demanding that the judge recuse himself because he lacks basic fairness and impartiality. His denunciation as a “butcher,” hardly comes close to describing his criminal behaviour in the service of the thugs in uniform that have taken over Egypt.

One of the lawyers Mohamed Abdel Waheb representing 25 defendants said the verdict was handed down in a court session lasting less than five minutes. How could a judge conduct himself in such a manner? The basic requirement for a trial even with the minimum standards of justice is to hear arguments from both sides.

According to lawyer Abdel Waheb, previously the single session in the trial lasted just four hours, during which the judge refused to listen to any arguments from the defence.

Mohamed Elmessiry, a researcher for Amnesty International that is monitoring the cases, said they [the cases] "lacked basic fair trial guarantees." Such criticism is hardly likely to deter the dinosaurs that sit on Egypt’s benches.

Their job is to execute the largest number of people to please their masters in the military that have never shied away from shooting and killing innocent people. In fact, the two work in tandem: people that survive the military’s bullets are hauled before the courts so that the butchers in robes can prove their loyalty to the thugs in uniform.

The military and judges have turned Egypt into a veritable hell hole and a laughing stock of the world. That, however, is not something that bothers the judges or their military masters. They are consumed by intense hatred of Islam and are prepared to kill as many people as possible in the shortest possible time.

It is important to note that those on trial in Minya were people that had protested after the military went on a killing spree in Cairo on August 14 and 16 last year slaughtering thousands of people, all of them innocent unarmed civilians. These were simply camping in the squares to protest the military’s overthrow of the first-ever democratically elected president in Egypt’s history.

The Minya protesters had attacked several police stations in which one policeman was killed. Several protesters were also killed but that is considered routine. For the death of one policeman, the presiding judge sentenced 529 people to death. The latest batch of 683 people is accused of no particular crime except their opposition to the illegal military coup and regime.

The thugs in uniform and their accomplices in the judiciary are pushing Egypt towards a full fledged civil war that will ultimately cause a lot of innocent deaths but from which the military cannot come out unscathed either.


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