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Media’s dismal failure in covering the COVID pandemic

Crescent International

Media coverage of the COVID pandemic is so disappointing that one of the most profound statements about it came from Russia Today.

Somewhere towards the middle of the first wave “statistics used to make sense, until reporters got hold of it.”

The COVID pandemic is understandably an unprecedented event.

It is hard to resist the sensationalist tone.

However, constant dramatization of the situation and lack of imagination and courage by mainstream media to ask critical questions about the accepted global response to the pandemic gives rise to conspiracy theories.

The corporate media has framed the situation in a way that anyone who questions response policies outside of the lockdown narrative is branded anti-science and a cutthroat capitalist prioritizing profit over lives.

Media coverage of COVID is no longer driven by data and scientific interpretation of data which can and should be open to varied approaches.

Conventional approaches in dealing with COVID are no longer a policy, but a strategy which cannot be disputed without some form of repercussion.

If someone doubts this reality, they can conduct an experiment.

They simply need to pose the question on their social media, why do “we still have no explicit criteria supplied for determining the effectiveness of any proposed lockdown” and see the results, as posed by the British newsmagazine the Critic, and watch the reaction.

This approach has created an environment where no major media outlet is asking the so-called “powerful and rich” nation states about their inability to build field hospitals between March 2020 and now, while the same nations spend tens of billions on acquiring weapons and building military bases worldwide.

Testing capacities, medical research and improvement of medical systems are the key to combatting a medical problem.

How many nurses and doctors of immigrant backgrounds are still driving cabs or working in the restaurant industry in Canada, the US, the UK, Australia and other so-called “developed” countries?

Due to the rigid, expensive and lengthy process of being recertified and allowed to contribute to the healthcare system in their new countries of residence, many qualified immigrants are not utilized in addressing the medical crisis.

The Five Eyes countries, an alliance of intelligence services comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States spend billions on sticking their noses in other people’s affairs.

These countries could have spent a quarter of their intelligence budgets and build COVID specialized hospitals and a solid medical infrastructure for their citizens between March 2020 and now.

These questions are rarely asked because they drive the conversation away from the lockdown narrative.

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