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Markham counsellor accused of theft


As newsmagazine of the Islamic movement, we tend not to pay much attention to local stories. Given the number of important events occurring globally, local issues get crowded out. But we are making an exception in a case that has international ramifications.

Howard Shore, a counsellor at the Town of Markham (home base of the Crescent magazine as well as one of its editorial staff members) has been accused of involvement in a spate of thefts. On December 22, he made a brief court appearance relating to theft of an iPhone. In the past he was accused but acquitted of stealing a laptop, iPad and credit card theft, harassing and stalking, and stealing a cell phone from a Florida judge for which he pleaded “no contest” thereby being convicted on both counts (theft and stalking).

Why is Shore’s story important? He is a well-known Zionist and staunch supporter of Israel. Last April, he presented a motion at the Town Council to denounce Israeli Apartheid Week on University Campuses as “anti-Semitic.” This was challenged by a number of Markham residents, including the Crescent staff. The motion, it was emphasized, was politically motivated and in any case did not concern the town that should concentrate its energies on municipal affairs. A watered down motion was ultimately passed. Shore also took a delegation of town counsellors to Israel.
Shore, it now emerges, is a habitual thief, like the country he admires, Zionist Israel.

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