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Mahmoud Abbas defends cooperation with Israel

Crescent International

Mahmoud Abbas whose shelf-life has expired, continues to survive by trying to promote US-zionist interests against the wishes of the Palestinian people. His latest admission that he is helping Israel find three missing Jewish students has done nothing to improve his jaded image among Palestinians that continue to suffer zionist brutalities on a daily basis.

Amman, Crescent-online
Thursday June 19, 2014, 10:18 DST

Mahmoud Abbas has pledged to aid the intrusive Israeli search for three missing Jewish students, a move that has brought widespread criticism from Hamas.

The three Jewish students were from al-Khalil (Hebron), a city known for the virulence of settlers and right-wing Zionists towards Palestinians. One of the students has dual Israeli-American citizenship.

Israel has unleashed its military forces, which are violently breaking into Palestinian homes and terrorizing Palestinian civilians, all under the rubric of searching for the missing teenagers.

Israel has virtually cracked down on the West Bank. Some suspect that Israel may be itself be involved in the kidnapping, given that there were various rumors and suggestions floating in the zionist media before the crackdown that Israel should annex the West Bank.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on June 18 defended his security cooperation with Israel against widespread criticism and said his forces are helping in the search for three Israeli teens missing in the West Bank.

Abbas has faced strong criticism for these statements, given the havoc that zionist forces are wreaking in the West Bank. He made these comments in a meeting with several Arab leaders in Saudi Arabia, a fitting venue, given the tribal regime’s role in stamping out freedom and resistance in the Muslim world.

The teens disappeared from a West Bank hitchhiking junction almost a week ago. Israel has blamed the Islamic group Hamas for their disappearance, without providing proof.

In response to the disappearance, Israel launched the biggest military ground operation in five years and arrested more than 250 Palestinians, most of them Hamas activists and political leaders.

Abbas told the Organization of Islamic Cooperation in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in televised comments Wednesday that he did not know who abducted the teens. “We are still looking and searching to find out who carried out such an act,” he said, adding that those involved “want to destroy us.”

He did not elaborate, but appeared to be referring to his government as the target of destabilization attempts.

Analyst Hani al-Masri said Abbas was apparently trying to secure continued Western support for the Palestinian unity government with his comments. “But the fact is that the legitimacy of the authority and preserving it comes only from the satisfaction of the people, not from the U.S. and Israel,” al-Masri said.

Israel appears to be using the disappearance as a pretext to go on the offensive although it has seldom needed any excuses to go violent, to stamp out Hamas as well as members of Fatah and other organizations that threaten them.


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