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Israel’s Catch-22 media reality

Crescent International

Miscalculation is probably the most discussed topic among many Israeli politicians today.

Apart from miscalculating the resilience of Palestinian resistance and its self-defense capabilities, the Zionist regime seems to have underestimated their own limitations in flipping global public opinion in its favor.

A significant dent in the Zionists’ ability to manipulate the media is not only because global audiences are better informed about the occupation of Palestine today.

It is primarily due to the effort of the pro-Palestinian political resistance that has shattered Israel’s image as a normal political entity.

The world is aware that Israel is attacking a population under siege in economic, military, academic and political terms by NATO regimes, Israeli-backed autocratic Arabian regimes and internal collaborators.

With these realities in mind, Israel’s foreign patrons have bet on the wrong horse.

Its foreign sponsors are not the ordinary citizens of Canada, Germany, or the US.

Citizens of some countries that are Israel’s staunch backers view the Zionist entity quite unfavorably.

It is now clear that Israel cannot continue to exist as a functional entity.

Constantly living on the edge of uprisings, clashes, wars, and a growing hostile global public opinion are not conducive to long-term survival.

Sooner or later, it will be worn out and will have to raise the white flag.

This possibility is clearly visible in the current phase of Israel’s assault on Gaza.

The media narrative is no longer about some Western manipulated “peace” treaty or an unrealistic two-state solution.

The current narrative is that of decolonization of the entire Palestinian lands occupied since 1948.

This view is dominant in the minds of the people in Palestine and its surrounding areas.

In the age of social media, ignoring the narrative of the people on the ground is no longer feasible for the corporate media.

Thus, they have had to adopt it to a certain degree to maintain a veneer of objectivity.

This, however, has opened a pandora’s box.

The jinni is out of the bottle and the informational field will never be the same.

Post-2021 phase of Palestine’s struggle for liberation will witness the normalization of discourse of Israeli apartheid, which was recently confirmed by the Human Rights Watch report.

This is a strategic defeat for Israel and its backers.

They are, however, unlikely to give up pushing the Zionist narrative or push back against public figures addressing the issue from an apartheid angle.

The harder the Zionists push, the greater pushback they will receive, thus, further normalizing the media discourse that Israel is an apartheid state.

Zionist Israel, welcome to the catch-22 media reality.

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