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Iranians hack into US, Israeli military and political leaders’ accounts

Crescent International

The world is becoming more exciting. Cyber warfare is heating up and many players are joining the fray. In the latest revelations, Iranian hackers have been hacking into American and Israeli military and political leaders' accounts. That should be exciting.

Washington DC, Crescent-online
Thursday May 29, 2014, 08:37 DST

Cyber warfare is not a one-way street, as many computer savvy buffs would admit. In the past, if the Americans and zionists enjoyed some advantage—remember the Stuxnet virus spread by American and Israeli saboteurs into Iran’s computer systems operating their nuclear plants—this has now been somewhat neutralized by others joining the fray.

An American cyber intelligence firm—iSight Partners—has just released a report claiming that Iranians have been hacking into the accounts of military and political leaders in the United States, Israel and other countries for three years.

Did it take iSight three years to figure this out? The cyber intelligence company released the report yesterday (May 28) claiming that Iranian hackers have been targeting senior US military and diplomatic personnel, congressional staff, Washington DC area journalists, US think tanks, defense contractors in the US and Israel, as well as others who are vocal supporters of the Zionist regime.

So who was targeted and what data did the Iranians mine? The American cyber intelligence company would not say but it admitted that the hackers were seeking credentials to access government and corporate networks, as well as to take down machines with software.

Interestingly, iSight did admit it could not tell what data had been mined but revealed that the operations were going on since 2011. Could they not have gone on for much longer, and that iSight was not aware of them?

The iSight report also said that hackers “are using more than a dozen fake personas on social networking sites,” including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube, and Blogger “to covertly obtain log-in credentials to the email systems of their victims.”

What does it expect; the Iranians to announce publicly using their own names that they are hacking into US military and political leaders’ accounts? Is it not a fact that American CIA operatives use all kinds of aliases to carry out espionage in other countries? Why should cyber intelligence be any different?

It was Dick Cheney, vice president under former US President George Bush, who outed Valerie Plame, wife of US ambassador Joseph Wilson, as a CIA agent. Her husband had exposed the fraudulent claim by the Americans that the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain had purchased uranium yellow cake from Niger to make a nuclear bomb.

In information leaked from Cheney’s office but given out through Richard Armitage at the US State Department, journalist Robert Novak in his July 14, 2003 column in the Washington Post, exposed Plame as a CIA agent. That effectively ended her career.

CIA agents use other covers as well and operate as businessmen, academics, simple tourists, or even spouses of diplomats. Valerie Plame’s cover was brilliant: who could suspect an ambassador’s charming wife to be a CIA agent?

With iSight’s latest revelations, we enter the new era in espionage and cyber warfare. The world is becoming more interesting but more importantly, it is becoming a level playing field. That could not be bad for the world at large!


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