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Week In Review

Iran is determined to break Western economic blockade

On July 22, Islamic Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif ended his visit to Moscow during which he delivered a special message to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Upon return to Tehran, Zarif told reporters that the message from President Hassan Rouhani revolved around bilateral matters and issues related to Iran’s nuclear treaty with several Western countries including Russia and China.

According to Washington based al-monitor.com, “top Iranian diplomat also said he had discussed with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov plans for a 20-year partnership agreement. A similar but shorter-term deal is already in place between Tehran and Moscow but will expire in March. Zarif noted that the two sides have agreed on signing a more comprehensive treaty.”

If Tehran manages to cement a trilateral economic treaty with Russia and China, Western sanctions will remain completely irrelevant to Iran. This means that Islamic Iran’s geopolitical significance in the Muslim world will continue to grow even more rapidly.

Courtesy: Al-monitor.com

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