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Week In Review

Iran continues to crackdown on domestic corruption

Washington based al-monitor.com reported that “an Iranian judge has ordered capital punishment for a man and his wife over multiple corruption charges.

The main charge was disrupting the country’s auto market that is huge.

According to judiciary spokesman Gholam-Hossein Esmaili, the couple were found guilty of money laundering, sabotaging Iran’s forex, and hoarding 6,700 vehicles purchased from Saipa, one of the giant but crisis-hit domestic carmakers.

Iranian authorities also confiscated more than 24,000 gold coins worth nearly $43 million and over 100 kilograms of gold at the residence of Vahid Behzadi and his wife Najva Lashidaee in the capital Tehran.

“Under the law, the couple still have the right to appeal the death sentences.”

Iran is one of the few countries in the Muslim world where ministers regularly get impeached and the super wealthy class can’t escape the rule of law if found guilty, as was the case with the notorious profiteer Babek Zanjani.

Courtesy: www.al-monitor, BBC.

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