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Intensification of war on Muslims in the US


The US has intensified its war on Muslim citizens. This was clearly expected because its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are not going well. In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, one could understand that US policy would be driven by fear. Paranoia, after all, is not far from the American psyche but what possible justification is there for the escalation of war on Muslims in the US today?

The first shots in the recently escalated campaign were fired when Imam Abdullah Luqman was gunned down, execution style, in his warehouse masjid on October 28 by FBI agents. More than 20 bullets were pumped into a man known for his gentle demeanor and soft voice. His crime? He organized regular breakfasts for poor African-American children in Detroit. Such acts were clearly viewed with alarm by the white establishment. This killing of Imam Luqman was also a warning to other African-American Muslim leaders: they would face a similar fate if they did not surrender to the racist, Zionist controlled establishment. Immigrant Muslims had long been intimidated into submission. Their leading organizations never miss an opportunity to proclaim their complete adherence to whatever the prevailing US policy, however wrongheaded or criminal. Whether the illegal wars on Afghanistan or Iraq, these Muslims applaud because the flag demands it; they support “our troops” whatever that means in order to prove their loyalty. Regardless of what they do, they are still viewed with suspicion, as the aftermath of the November 5 shooting in Fort Hood showed. Perish the thought if anyone would hold Christianity responsible for promoting terrorism because Timothy McVeigh blew a federal building in Oklahoma City murdering 68 people in April 1994. Nor would anyone dare accuse the Zionists of mass murder against hapless Palestinians, or running financial scams like Bernard Madoff did stealing billions of dollars. Imagine if a Muslim had done that.

Zionists also routinely spy on the US, a close ally, friend and financier. Last year, when the FBI produced its annual report to Congress concerning Foreign Economic Collection and Industrial Espionage, Israel and its intelligence services featured prominently as a threat second only to China. In 2005 the FBI noted that Israel maintains “an active program to gather proprietary information within the United States.”

Despite such Zionist crimes, Muslims are the ones facing hatred and prejudice. A clear majority of Americans — 66% — admit to having at least some prejudice against Muslims; 1 in 5 say they have “a great deal” of prejudice. Almost half do not believe American Muslims are “loyal” to the US, and 25% do not want a Muslim as a neighbor. Such hatred is officially promoted. Last year, Senator Joe Lieberman, the staunchly pro-Israel Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee andSenator Susan Collins, a member of the committee, released a report titled Violent Islamist extremism, the internet, and the homegrown terrorist threat. Armed with such reports, it is not surprising the FBI would attack masjids in the US.

The attack on Imam Luqman followed a spate of attacks on Muslim Charities — the Holy Land Foundation, KindHearts for Charitable Humanitarian Development, and others — for no other crime than providing assistance to widows and orphans in Palestine. There have been other attacks since on Alavi Foundationas well as a number of schools and masjids linked with the Foundation. If in the past, the FBI merely carried out surveillance of mosques, now they have launched a campaign to grab them altogether. What exactly is their crime, unless being a Muslim is considered a crime in the US?

America, the supposed “land of the free” looks increasingly like a land of the freaks. And Muslims are its primary targets.

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 38, No. 10

Dhu al-Hijjah 14, 14302009-12-01

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