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Letters To The Editor

Indian State terrorism

Humeira Butt

Contrary to its self-projected image of a “nonviolent” country, India under Narendra Modi is a textbook example of a terrorist state. No religious minority is safe in India. Muslims top the list of those targeted by Hindu fascists. Modi himself has his hands drenched in the blood of innocents. In February 2002, he presided over the massacre of nearly 2,000 innocent Muslims in Gujarat state where he was chief minister. He deliberately prevented the police from helping Muslims that were hacked or burned to death by Hindu mobs.

India is also guilty of the genocide of the Kashmiris. The Indian occupation army has murdered nearly 100,000 Kashmiris since 1989. I have lost several relatives to Indian state brutality. Rape is used as an instrument of war; thousands of Kashmiri youth have disappeared. Mass graves have been unearthed in Kashmir.

India is a blot on the name of humanity. Countries that court India for trade or commercial links are complicit in India’s war crimes. Modi and his henchmen in the ruling BJP ought to be hauled before the International Crime Court to face charges of war crimes. Modi and his gang of mass murderers will not stop unless they are brought to justice. Nothing less would do.

Humeira Butt
Los Angeles, CA, US

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 46, No. 8

Muharram 11, 14392017-10-01

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