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Hizbullah’s tactical gain in the sky is strategic change on the ground

Crescent International

Image Source - @ Courtesy - https://english.almayadeen.net/

The news that Hizbullah shot down the widely-hyped Israeli Hermes 900 drone carries a lot more significance than a tactical military achievement.

It is a regional and probably an international gamechanger.

Over several decades, all the wars that Israel and the US launched against Muslim countries and resistance movements in West Asia, the aggressors’ primary military advantage was their dominance of the skies.

In the 1973 war, Israel assisted by western regimes, faced almost a military standstill, mainly due to the anti-aircraft missiles supplied to Egypt by the USSR.

Today, both Russia and Ukraine face tough challenges in their war raging in eastern Europe.

Both sides have the capability to deny the other dominance over airspace.

Considering that the geography of the conflict in Lebanon, Palestine and Syria is quite small, losing air dominance will cost Israeli and American ground forces dearly.

Until quite recently, significant technological limitations restricted the forces resisting zionism and US imperialism in pressuring their foes in the skies.

Today, in a broader sense, the technological playing field is heading towards a point of significant equilibrium.

The clearest example of this is the development of Iran’s drone and ballistic missile industry, Yemen’s ability to mount a naval blockade using drones and Hizbullah’s ability to develop missiles which are able to penetrate and blindside Israel’s “Iron Dome” defences.

It should be remembered that prior to the war in Ukraine, western propaganda tried to dismiss the Iranian drone industry as not being particularly significant.

The war in Ukraine, Ansarallah’s actions in Yemen and now Hizbullah’s operations against Israel show that western ruling caste had simply buried their heads in the sand.

They became the victims of their own white-supremacy complex.

It is only a matter of time before a similar dramatic change, as the one in the drone industry, takes places in the sphere of air defenses.

Hizbullah’s recent downing of several Israeli drones is a sign that this has probably already happened and will soon become evident on a much larger scale.

The matter which will highlight the anti-aircraft capabilities of the region’s indigenous forces is the looming escalation in northern Palestine.

Israelis are likely to focus their increased pressure on Hizbullah using their vast air power.

What the zionists are probably ignoring is that Hizbullah has clearly expanded its anti-aircraft capabilities.

By shooting down several drones, the Islamic resistance in Lebanon has sent a clear signal to its adversaries that it has not only upgraded its missile arsenal since 2006, but made advances in other areas too.

It does not mean that Hizbullah and its allies will be able to eliminate the threat posed by Israel’s US-supplied war planes completely.

But conducting challenge-free aerial military missions will be become quite difficult for Israel and its western genocide enablers.

What this means is that Hizbullah will achieve significant maneuverability on the ground.

This, combined with the ideological motivation of Hizballah’s forces, means that Israel will be under the kind of military pressure it has never faced before in its history.

Considering that geopolitically and demographically apartheid Israel exists in a sea of hostility, land to land attacks on zionist occupational infrastructure will keep Israel in a permanent state of economic, political, and social instability.

By increasing its abilities to target zionist forces in the sky, Hizbullah has introduced a new military dynamic on the ground.

It is on land that wars are won or lost.

Given that Israeli soldiers are terrified of dying while Hizbullah fighters long for martyrdom, we are about to enter a new phase of warfare in West Asia.

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