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Has Saddam’s #2, Ezzat Ibrahim al-Douri, been killed in Iraq?

Crescent International

If news about the killing of Ezzet Ibrahim al Douri is correct, it would definitely be a big blow to the terrorist operations in Iraq. He was the one who facilitated the alliance between the takfiri terrorists and Ba'athist military personnel.

Saturday April 18, 2015, 12:09 DST

If news from the frontline in Iraq’s Salahuddin province is correct, it would be a major blow to terrorist operations in the country. Iraqi forces reported today that they killed Ezzat Ibrahim al Douri, former right-hand man to the late Iraqi dictator Saddam Husain. Raed al Jabouri, governor of the province said Douri was killed in a military operation.

While details are as yet sketchy, al Jabouri said DNA from the body would be tested and results released “very soon”. Al Arabiya, the Saudi-owned television network based in Dubai, showed images of a dead man who looked like al-Douri with his signature red hair. Given the level of attention the Saudi-owned Al Arabiya channel is giving to the news lends credence to the claim. The Saudi regime is the principal backer of the terrorist outfits in Iraq and Syria.

Further, it was al Douri who facilitated a deal between the takfiri terrorists and Ba‘athist elements to create the mayhem that has gripped Iraq in recent years. Al Douri was sixth on the US’ Most Wanted list of 55 individuals of the Ba‘athist regime with a price tag of $10 million. The Saudi Al Arabiya channel even interviewed al Jabouri. “The mastermind of terrorist operations has been killed and he is Ezzat al Douri.” The governor went on: “Al Douri is the biggest mastermind behind all attacks that undermined Iraq.

This news will have an impact on the morale of the fighters.” Details of the operation against al Douri emerged through Karim al Nouri, a leader in the Badr organization and spokesman for the Shia militias fighting the takfiri terrorists. “We received intelligence from our sources that a VIP was in the city of Hawija and we were waiting to ambush him. Based on our intelligence, it was believed that the man was Al Baghdadi, but it turned out to be Al Douri,” al Nouri said.

True, al Baghdadi would have been a bigger prize but al Douri would also do for now. If one more mastermind has been put out of commission that would surely be a big blow to the terrorist operations in Iraq.


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