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Hariri unintentionally exposes the change narrative in Lebanon as sham

Crescent International

When Lebanon’s former Prime Minister Saad Hariri declared on October 9 that he is once again a potential candidate to lead the government, he exposed the “change” narrative peddled by the Western media and pushed for by Western politicians, as a total sham.

Over the past several months, Western politicians and media outlets have relentlessly focused on the need to form a new government in Lebanon and redesign the French-imposed sectarian system.

For more than a year, every crisis and demonstration in Lebanon was framed in the context of the urgent need to demolish the existing system and create a new one.

Western do-gooders were loudly talking about the need to end corruption.

They never once mentioned that Lebanon’s most corrupt politicians are Western allies and park their looted money in Western banks.

The West’s cynical ploy did not fool informed observers about events in Lebanon.

Crescent International has always identified Western meddling in Lebanon as having only one specific objective in mind: to create socio-political hurdles for Hizbullah.

It is the only Arab-Islamic force that booted Zionist Israel out of its territory and on its own terms.

Everything else, even if partially true, serves as a means for NATO regimes to camouflage their political goal of weakening Hizbullah.

If Lebanon as a country is destroyed or the entire region is destabilized, they do not care.

The only reason Western regimes and their Saudi puppets have not ignited a civil war in Lebanon is because they know it will obliterate their local proxies and further strengthen Hizbullah.

The political reality of Lebanon is such that a reconfiguration of the electoral process based on proportional representation will bring Hizbullah to power.

Experience in Algeria and Egypt shows that Western regimes cannot tolerate elections in the Muslim world which vote their puppets out of power.

Hizbullah called for a proportional electoral system and electoral reform as far back as in 2005.

It is the Western proxies in Lebanon which have frustrated such reforms for years.

The ongoing tragic political comedy in Lebanon and enthusiastic Western support for “change” should cement the following formula in Muslim minds: If a movement, political trend or ideology is backed by NATO powers, it is suspect.

It is, therefore, prudent to take a step back and thoroughly analyze the situation instead of blindly jumping on the bandwagon.

This is necessary to avoid further mishaps that will have grave consequences.

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