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Hamas has won, Israel has lost

Crescent International

Israel’s relentless bombardment of the tiny besieged Gaza Strip killing thousands of civilians confirms only one thing: zionist barbarism.

The scale of death and destruction in Gaza is immense.

It will continue to rise but to what purpose?

Wars are fought to achieve certain political objectives.

Causing industrial scale death and destruction are meant to demoralize the oppressed so that they give up resisting.

But as history has repeatedly shown, mass slaughter seldom achieves political objectives if those resisting the occupiers refuse to give up their struggle.

This was witnessed in Algeria against France, and in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq against the US.

True, all these societies were devastated but ultimately, the oppressors had to flee. Something similar is being witnessed in Gaza.

No doubt Israel has massive destructive capacity.

It has repeatedly caused immense damage to Gaza’s infrastructure but has failed to achieve the desired objectives.

This time the damage to Gaza’s infrastructure and the scale of deaths and injuries are even greater.

But there has been something else that is new and was totally unexpected: Hamas’s daring Operation Al-Aqsa Storm.

It stunned the zionist entity and its allies sending shock waves in their ranks.

The myth of Israeli army invincibility has been shattered, perhaps permanently.

Israel is trying to hide its humiliation by going into a fit of rage.

It is taking revenge on innocent Palestinian civilians: men, women and children.

Its leaders, both civilian and military, have also resorted to vile invective against the Palestinians.

Only cowardly war criminals indulge in such behaviour.

That the Israeli army has been defeated, despite its bravado, is evident from the fact that America has sent some 5,000 marines and special forces to Israel.

The US has also sent two naval fleets as well as a submarine with nuclear-armed missiles to the region.

If Israel is such a great military power, why does it need Uncle Sam’s armadas and forces as well as those from Canada, Britain and France?

While repeatedly threatening to launch a massive ground invasion to “wipe out Hamas,” as Israeli political and military leaders have said, the most they have achieved so far has been limited incursions into Gaza.

These were probing operations meant to determine Hamas’s level of resistance.

On each occasion, these attacks have been repulsed inflicting massive casualties on the Israeli and American invaders.

Yes, the Americans have been involved in direct military operations against Hamas.

Doug McGregor, a retired US army colonel and analyst confirmed in an interview with Tucker Carlson that when American and Israeli forces launched an incursion into Gaza, they “were shot to pieces.”

Israeli military spokesmen have admitted paying a “heavy price” in attacks on Gaza.

Benny Gantz, minister in the “war cabinet” and former chief of staff, said that “The images

coming from the battle are painful.”

He added: “And our tears fall when we see our soldiers falling.”

Israeli military personnel are not known to issue melancholy statements.

In the past, they arrogantly proclaimed teaching Hamas a lesson because Israeli casualties were low.

Not this time.

Abu Obaida, spokesman for Hamas’s military wing, Al-Qassam Brigades, said there have been “fierce confrontations” and many Israeli military vehicles have been destroyed.

Their occupants have not escaped unscathed either.

Colonel McGregor told Tucker Carlson that Israeli and American dead were left behind as their forces retreated under heavy Hamas fire.

They had to pick up the bodies later.

Hamas had prepared for this for a long time.

Hundreds of miles of deep underground tunnels have been dug enabling Hamas fighters to protect themselves against Israel’s aerial bombardment.

If Israel wants to occupy Gaza, it will have to fight Hamas fighters in each of these tunnels.

It is a daunting task for which the Israeli army is not prepared either physically or psychologically.

“Gaza will be their [Israeli army’s] graveyard and a nightmare for their soldiers,” said Abu Obaida.

He also predicted the end of Netanyahu’s political career.

He already faces a number of criminal charges.

Most Israelis hold him responsible for the military debacle.

Leaked video footage shows members of the Knesset weeping when they saw pictures of soldiers who were killed in the October 7 Hamas attack.

The Army Radio has reported that the Israeli General Staff has apparently been forced to consider changing the plan to invade Gaza radically, as the situation is difficult on the ground.

The latest claims by the Israeli army that its tanks and armoured personnel carriers have encircled Gaza City in the north is unproven.

It further claimed it had cut the north from the south.

Amidst a total communication blackout and the absence of independent news, such claims cannot be verified.

Often, such claims are self-serving and are part of psychological warfare.

Given Hamas’s maze of tunnels, Israeli troops and armour will be easy picking.

Hamas has said it plans to trap Israeli troops in Gaza.

Israeli thrust in the middle of Gaza will enable Hamas to target them from behind.

If Knesset members and Israeli military commanders are weeping upon seeing pictures of dead soldiers, they have a lot more tears to shed.

Israel has already murdered more than 10,000 civilians in Gaza, half of them children, but it has failed to achieve any of its military or political objectives.

It is quite capable of killing 10 times as many civilians and the criminal western regimes will provide it political and diplomatic cover.

Israel, however, cannot wash away its humiliation, nor hide the fact that its military has lost the war.

Palestine, the region and the world will never be the same again.

As the popular slogan raised in rallies says: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!”

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