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Gulen’s Zionist connections exposed

Crescent International

Turkey is in the midst of a major scandal whose roots can be traced all the way to Philadelphia in the US and to the zionists there. A series of dramatic arrests on December 17 has rocked the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erdogan. The sons of three of his ministers, including Interior Minister Muammer Guler (photo) as well as businessmen and chief of the Halkbank have been arrested. Erdogan calls it a deep conspiracy.

Istanbul, Crescent-online
December 22, 2013, 16:07 EST

Turkey is gripped by a major scandal whose roots can be traced all the way to the US. Nearly 100 people have been arrested among them the sons of three ministers—interior, economy and the environment—as well as prominent businessmen known to be close to the ruling AKP party.

The arrests took place in utmost secrecy on December 17 and even the government of Prime Minister Recep Tayip Erdogan was not informed. He has denounced the arrests a “deep conspiracy.”

Erdogan also dubbed the inquiry a “dirty operation”, saying those behind the probe were seeking to form “a state within a state.”

The latest casualty of the ongoing scandal is Turkey’s Interior Minister Muammer Guler who offered his resignation to the prime minister today. He told the Anadolu Agency that he was awaiting Erdogan's decision on the issue.

Informed observers in Turkey believe that this is not merely a power struggle between the ruling AKP and the Gulen movement led by Fethullah Gulen but that the Zionists are deeply involved in undermining the government of Prime Minister Erdogan.

Many of the police and judicial officials that carried out or approved the raids are linked to the Gulen movement. Its leader, Fethullah Gulen currently resides in the US city of Philadelphia. He is known to have close connections with the Zionists.

What lends credence to Gulen’s Zionist connection is the arrest of Suleyman Aslan, head of the state-controlled Halkbank. He is accused of not only stashing millions of dollars in shoe boxes at home but also helping Iran to circumvent US sanctions by facilitating Iranian oil sales transactions through a complex mechanism.

Following the arrests, dozens of senior police officials, including Istanbul's police Chief Huseyin Capkin, were removed from their posts. US Undersecretary for Economic and Financial Intelligence, David S. Cohen also arrived in Istanbul soon after the arrests. Cohen, a hardcore Zionist and US treasury department official has already announced sanctions on 12 Iranian individuals and companies that he accused of circumventing US sanctions on Iran.

Gulen is believed to have attempted to undermine Erdogan because the latter announced the closure of all prep schools run by the former. The Gulenists viewed this as undermining their recruitment base.

The movement has worked surreptitiously inside Turkey and penetrated many important departments and posts. Gulen also works closely with the Zionists that eagerly promote him.

One well-known Zionist is Daniel Pipes, a virulent Islamophobe who lives in the same city where Gulen has taken up residence.

Many people in Turkey believe that Erdogan is bound to hit back and hard. He has already warned a number of foreign ambassadors in the country not to interfere in Turkey’s internal affairs.


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