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Week In Review

Germany imports Iran’s COVID-19 testing kits

As the Western corporate media misses no chance to put-down Islamic Iran’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, the positive story which was largely ignored by the same media was Germany importing 40,000 Iranian-made COVID-19 testing kits.

As reported by the Washington based al-monitor.com, “The kits were developed by Pishtaz Teb Diagnostics, a company that has been focused on laboratory research and medical diagnosis tools since 1988. The company’s website doesn’t specify its affiliation and funding sources. Already approved by Iran’s Health Ministry, another batch of the same kits are also expected to reach Turkey soon. Company officials have spoken of similar orders placed by a host of other countries, including Spain and Brazil.”

Iran’s medical sector is widely recognized as highly advanced. Thus, it is no surprise that the two medically advanced countries, Germany and Iran, forged a path of cooperation during these unusual times.

Courtesy: www.al-monitor.com

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