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Letters To The Editor

Exposing the cabal of neo-Ahzab

Jamaluddin Alvi

Thank you for alerting the Ummah to the emergence of the neo-Ahzab. Many Muslims are confused about the true nature of Bani Saud. They confuse the sacredness of Makkah and Madinah with the rulers and think that just as they must show complete respect for the two holy cities that have been declared as Harams (sacred), this respect must be extended to the rulers as well.

The Saudi rulers have been spending huge sums of money, buying people’s loyalty. Recent WikiLeaks documents that have come to us courtesy of the Yemeni Cyber Army confirm the various groups, organizations, and individuals on the Saudi payroll, not to mention the media that has either been bribed or strong-armed into not exposing the royals and their secret talks with the Zionists in Tel Aviv. Money talks, as they say.

It is the responsibility of committed Muslims everywhere to expose these munafiqs who squander the Ummah’s wealth on spreading fitnah among Muslims and corruption on earth. These mufsids should be fought and banished from the holy land of Arabia.

Jamaluddin Alvi
Chicago, IL, US

Article from

Crescent International Vol. 44, No. 6

Shawwal 15, 14362015-08-01

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