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Direct US involvement in Israeli massacre at Nuseirat refugee camp

Crescent International

In the aftermath of Israeli-American attack on Nuseirat refugee camp (Photo Anadolu Agency)

American Special Forces and helicopters were directly involved alongside Israeli forces in the assault on the Nuseirat refugee camp on June 8.

The assault resulted in the death of 274 Palestinians, among them 64 children, and 698 injured, according to Gaza’s Health Ministry statement.

The US web news portal, Axios quoting a US official said that a US cell stationed in Israel “supported” the Israeli military operation.

The New York Times also reported that the US provided “intelligence and other logistical support.”

Hamas sources have given details of how the Americans and Israelis used humanitarian aid trucks to smuggle Israeli forces into the camp.

In the daylight operation, Israeli soldiers disguised themselves as refugees from Rafah and came in trucks loaded with mattresses.

Additionally, Hamas admitted that Palestinian collaborators had provided intelligence to the zionists.

These resulted in very high casualties.

The Israelis and Americans attacked the Nuseirat camp from multiple directions.

The zionists also launched intense air attacks dropping bombs on houses and buildings.

Videos circulating online on Saturday (June 8) showed a helicopter taking off from the beach in Gaza with the US pier in the backdrop, according to a report in Middle East Eye (MEE).

This confirmed suspicions that the US pier was not meant to deliver humanitarian aid but that its use was much more sinister.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry in a statement on June 10 said that both the US and Britain were involved in the attack on Nuseirat camp.

The June 8 Israeli attack on the Nuseirat refugee camp confirmed this.

Western media outlets have been drumbeating about the rescue of four Israeli prisoners.

There is nary a thought for the 274 innocent Palestinians butchered by Israel in cold blood.

Some observers have pointed to the fact that Israel has managed to rescue a grand total of seven Israeli prisoners through military operations.

In contrast, 100 Israeli prisoners were released through negotiations.

While family members of Israeli captives have called for a ceasefire to secure the release of the remaining 120 or so prisoners still held by Hamas, war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu insists on continuing the war.

He knows that if the war stops, he will be arrested and thrown in jail.

To save his thick hide, Netanyahu is prepared to kill every Palestinian man, woman and child as well as Israelis held captive by Hamas.

So far, Israel has killed more than 37,000 Palestinians, the vast majority of them women and children, and injured another 84,000 since October 7.

The Israeli genocide in Gaza continues.

Netanyahu is using what is referred to as the “Hannibal Directive” under which Israelis taken prisoner will be sacrificed to achieve Israel’s military objectives.

Except that in the current barbarous onslaught on Gaza, Israel has failed to achieve any of its objectives: political, strategic and military.

The war continues because Netanyahu does not want to end up in jail.

This is leading to a situation where Israeli itself will cease to exist.

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