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Week In Review

Despite US threats, the UAE likely to continue business with Syria

Faced with strategic military and political defeat in Syria, US officials are attempting to save face at any coast.

As reported by PressTV, US Special Representative for Syria Engagement, James Jeffrey, issued a statement that the US would not exclude the UAE from its coercive measures if it violates the Caesar Act.

“Anyone who engages in economic activities, whether in the UAE or in other countries... may be targeted by these sanctions,” Jeffrey said.

Jeffrey’s threat against Washington’s regional puppets is a sign that even regimes beholden to the US are starting to dare to disobey the empire in decline.

The UAE has served for decades as a sanction busting locale, mainly facilitated by Western powers in order to keep an eye on how countries under sanctions evade them.

This policy was beneficial for both parties as it allowed NATO regimes to gather intelligence and the UAE rulers to make money.

At the time of a global economic crisis caused by COVID-19, the US will have a hard time convincing its money driven regional puppets to abstain from earning some extra cash on the side to maintain themselves in power.

Thus, the UAE will most probably be conducting some business with Syria, further diminishing Washington’s image as a global policeman.

Courtesy: PressTV

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