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Creating paranoia through airport security

Crescent International

For frequent flyers, going through airport security checkpoints has become a nightmare. The so-called screeners are more like sexual predators. They are rude, ill-trained and have an attitude of do not give a damn. Are such intrusive searches really necessary or they are part of an elaborate scheme to create paranoia to take even the few rights people have in the West?

Washington DC, Crescent-online
Thursday January 09, 2014, 00:21 EST

Air travel has become extremely hazardous not only for one’s body but also the mind. From seven-year-old girls clutching teddy bears to 70-year-old grandmothers walking with the help of a cane are the targets of overzealous “secreeners.”

Sexual predators would be a more appropriate term for them. They seem to take sadistic pleasure in poking their fingers into passengers’ cavities. What are they looking for; bombs being tucked inside one’s private parts?

Long line-ups at check-in counters as well as at security checkpoints are routine in North America and Europe. Mercifully, some liquids—in small quantities mind you—are now permitted on flights. What are they worried about?

Scientifically, water, gels and toothpastes cannot produce bombs but that is not the point. The aim is to terrorize the population and turn them into sheep in the ever expanding “war on terror” in which people are programmed to give up their rights.

They had precious few to start with, as Edward Snowden’s leaks so graphically demonstrate. Unfortunately, the gangsters and criminals that rule Western countries know all too well that they can scare their ignorant public into accepting any restrictions as long as they keep drumming into their heads it is for their own safety and security.

What passengers need first and foremost is protection from the sexual predators masquerading as “screeners” at airports. How many plane hijacking have been attempted and/or prevented since stringent airport security measures were imposed?

The idea, however, is not to prevent hijackings or people blowing up planes. Anyone attempting to do so is doing it with the full knowledge of the criminal ruling elites. Remember the underwear bomber? He was escorted to the plane at Amsterdam Airport by the screening company, ATS , without proper documentation. ICTS is owned by Ezra Harel, an Israeli citizen. Does that give a hint?

The intrusive screening equipment installed at US airports—there are hundreds of them—has brought windfall profits for people like Michael Chertoff. Remember him? He was the head of Homeland Security under George W Bush. He owns the company that supplies and installs these machines. Must be nice: first create an artificial crisis and then go for the kill.

A related aspect of so-called airline security is the lack of service most Western airlines provide. Baggage allowance has been drastically cut and as for inflight service, forget it. Western carriers provide very poor quality food, if at all. Most charge exorbitant prices for stale rubbery sandwiches and coke.

All Western airlines use plastic utensils. This is meant to prevent wannabe hijackers from using steel knives and forks from taking over planes. Whatever happened to the armed marshalls and fortified doors to the pilots’ cabin? They are not enough protection?

Poor quality service does not seem to be a problem on most non-Western airlines that provide proper cutlery and good quality food at affordable ticket prices.

In North America and Europe, airline travel is not only very expensive but also of very poor quality.

For something different, try one of the Middle Eastern airlines and feel the difference. Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways all provide good quality service at prices that would won’t drive you to bankruptcy.

But if you are a masochist, try Air Canada or one of the myriad American airlines and see how they treat you. Cattle carts would be much more comfortable.

One gets the feeling that Western airlines send their cabin crew for training to Guantanamo Bay. The guards there have more refined manners, we are told!


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