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Week In Review

China’s rise adds additional pressure on Zionist Israel

As US imperialism enters its final stage of decline, the rise of China’s economic clout is likely to have a negative effect on US-Israeli relationship.

The Middle East Eye (MEE) published a report pointing out how Washington is exerting pressure on Zionist Israel and its other regional surrogates not to engage in strategic economic cooperation with China.

Many countries will find it hard to comply with this US demand.

Since US-China tensions will remain for the foreseeable future, along with the process of US decline, this phenomenon is going to add additional political pressure on the Zionist occupying entity.

The Zionist regime’s financial survival is dependent mainly on the US and other non-regional powers, it will have to juggle the desires of its external supporters.

Beijing’s growing economic influence will force Israel to take China’s concerns into consideration, thus forcing it at times to irritate its NATO sponsors.

In the long run it will add to Israel’s already decreasing foreign backing.

Courtesy: Middle East Eye

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