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Week In Review

BJP’s anti-Muslim narrative gets a platform on RT

Russia Today regularly spews anti-Muslim diatribes. On April 9 it published a column by Abhijit Majumder, former editor of the Hindustan Times, implying that preaching of Islam is to blame for the spread of coronavirus in India.

Majumder wraps his anti-Muslim narrative which has become an official policy in India under the BJP by stating that “one in three people who have tested positive for the Covid-19 virus in India have contracted it at a common source: a gathering of a massive and mysterious Islamic organization named Tablighi Jamaat (TJ).”

Majumder also attacks normative Islamic beliefs and presents the preaching of Islam as an “indirect line to terrorism” in his article.

Tablighi Jamaat is a backward Islamic organization whose simplistic message is well known and often utilized to pacify Muslims from resisting neo-colonialism.

The blatant attack on the Tablighi Jamaat reflects the ugly reality that in today’s India there is very little tolerance for public manifestations of the Islamic faith.

Courtesy: Russia Today

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