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Angered by insults, students beat up notorious opportunist, Fatah

Crescent International

Tarek Fatah has gained notoriety for his foul-mouthed language against Muslims, especially those of Pakistani origin. Because of his anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan stance, he has become a darling of the Zionists and Hindu chauvinists.

What the Zionists and Hindu chauvinists have in their hearts against Muslims but cannot utter themselves they get Fatah to say it. He is frequently invited on Indian TV channels so that he can spew anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistani venom.

He proudly proclaims that his forefathers were Hindus. No self-respecting Muslim would do that. Fatah of course is entitled to take pride in his Hindu ancestry; that is his choice.

It is his insulting manner of speaking that has riled up many people. He thinks he is some kind of celebrity when the fact is he is a two-bit opportunist and mercenary.

Did the mercenary go too far this time on his visit to India?

We reproduce this report from Janta ka Reporter of India.

Tarek Fatah ‘beaten up’ by students for ‘Khalistani’ and ‘terrorist’ name-calling

By JKR Staff

December 1, 2016

Controversial social media celebrity, Tarek Fatah, was beaten up by students from Panjab University, after he reportedly called a Sikh student ‘Khalistani’ and referred to a Muslim student from Jammu and Kashmir as a ‘terrorist.’

He was invited there to deliver a TedX talk on Balochistan, when the fracas took place.

Gagandeep Singh Dhillon, a PhD scholar in geography, was quoted by Indian Express, “I was sitting at the physics canteen when Tarek came and began an informal interaction with students. We were discussing yesterday’s Nagrota terror attack. When he was talking to us, the department librarian came. When the students rose to show respect, Tarek told them, ‘Indians need to stop giving such treatment to their seniors’.”

Tarek reportedly added that he would not stand up for his own father, ‘why are you all standing up for this person’.

When Mustafa, a PhD scholar from Kargil, objected, he told him, “Hey you gori chamdi, where are you from?… You’re a Pakistani terrorist, you’re an anti-national.”

Tarek then allegedly told Dhillon, “You are a Khalistani.”

This led to angry students beating him up.

The situation became so ugly that the orgaisers had to cancel his talk.

A PhD student Ganeshwari said that Tarek told her, “You are the real patriot because of your religion.”

A visibly shaken Fatah later told a TV channel, “As we stood up, there’s a guy, I don’t know his name, I don’t have his picture, he pushed me toward the ground. But luckily, a lot of students surround. So nothing happened. But he was taken away by his friends.”

An official complaint has been lodged.

Fatah has been a poster boy of the RSS for his provocative comments targetting India’s minorities, Muslims and Sikhs. Not so long ago, he had hurled abuses on Janta Ka Reporter’s editor-in-chief, Rifat Jawaid after he asked him uncomfortable questions on ABP News.

Tarek Fatah ‘beaten up’ by students for ‘Khalistani’ and ‘terrorist’ name calling

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