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Rajab, 14242003-09-16

Crescent International Vol. 32, No. 14

Book Review

A useful popular introduction to the history of Islam

Zawahir Siddique

The Rough Guide History of Islam by Justin Wintle. Pub: Rough Guides Ltd, London (www.roughguides.com), May 2003. Pp: 544. Pbk: US$12.95,/ UKĀ£7.99.


Virtual Palestine peace accord shows the possibilities -- and the impossibilities

Crescent International

Three years after the outbreak of the latest Al-Aqsa intifada -- which has lasted so long and moved on so far that few even remember how the troubles began -- the world has tired of Palestine...


Nobel prize another veiled attack on Islamic Iran

Crescent International

The Nobel peace prize has always been based on political considerations; advancement of peace has had very little to do with it. The Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel--after whom the award is named--reflects the irony of the situation: he invented explosives, hardly the stuff to promote peace...

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