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Shawwal, 14222001-12-16

Crescent International Vol. 30, No. 20

Book Review

Economic roots of America’s drive for global domination

Laila Juma

THE GLOBAL GAMBLE: WASHINGTON’S FAUSTIAN BID FOR WORLD DOMINANCE by Peter Gowan. Pub: Verso Books, London/New York, 1999. Pbk: 320. £13.00 / $ 20.00


West welcomes Afghanistan back to ‘civilization’


While assorted representatives of Afghan groups were meeting with Western leaders in Bonn to map out a government for Afghanistan “freely determined by its own people,” and American bombs were continuing to fall on towns and villages in some parts of the country, two other conferences on Afghanistan’s future were taking place in Washington and Pakistan.

Islamic Movement

Reflections on the Taliban’s performance as an Islamic movement

Zafar Bangash

In the two-month period from October 7 to December 7, the Taliban’s world has been turned upside down; from controlling more than 90 percent of Afghanistan’s territory they were forced to surrender their last stronghold of Qandahar to tribal elders on December 7.

Occupied Arab World

Egypt targets global Islamic movement in service of global state terrorism

Crescent International

Mubarak has ordered the arrest of 94 Islamic activists and their appearance before a military tribunal, accusing them of plotting terrorism against American, Israeli, Russian and Balkan targets. According to Muntassir al-Ziyat, an Egyptian lawyer representing 87 of those appearing before the military tribunal...

Occupied Arab World

Washington debates possible attack on Iraq

Abul Fadl

Intoxicated by the devastating display of America’s military juggernaut in Afghanistan, senior US officials have been issuing bellicose statements about Iraq. President George W Bush joined the chorus on November 26 when he warned Iraqi president Saddam Hussein to readmit UN arms-inspectors or face unspecified consequences.

Occupied Arab World

Two children killed as Israeli missiles answer Palestinian ceasefire offer

Crescent International

Two Palestinian children, one of them just three years old, were killed in al-Khalil (Hebron) on December 10 when two missiles fired from Apache helicopters — supplied to Israel by the US after the current intifada began last year — slammed into cars at the city’s busy al-Salaam junction during the afternoon rush-hour.

Occupied Arab World

House of Saud facing up to the possibility that their house may be built on sand

Crescent International

The Saudi ‘royal’ family rarely commits the error of publicly expressing anxiety or doubt about the durability of the House of Saud, or of openly criticising its US protectors’ backing for Israel.

South-East Asia

Background and implications of Misuari’s falling out with Manila and arrest in Malaysia

Maulana M. Alonto

Nur Misuari, chairman of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) and governor of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), was arrested by Malaysian authorities on November 24 on Jampiras island, Sabah, North Borneo...

Special Reports

Nine years after the martyrdom of the Babri mosque, Indian Muslims remember

M. Z. Abdul Rahman

December 6 is a black day for Muslims. Nine years ago it was a milestone in Muslim history in India. On that day in 1992 what was destroyed was not merely a monument of the Mughal era, nor just a place of worship for Muslims. The enemies of Islam tried not just to shake the Muslim will-power but uproot their foundations.

Special Reports

The House of Saud’s crisis of legitimacy

Abul Fadl

The aftermath of September 11 has focused attention once more on the House of Saud and its ability to survive. There are growing indications that the genie of waning popularity, which the Saudi dynasty has long feared and tried to control by a legion of gimmicks, has again escaped.


Bonn Accord lays out West’s plans for government of Afghanistan

Zafar Bangash

The ink had not even dried on the interim accord signed in Bonn on December 5 when various Afghan factions had denounced it as a foreign imposition that could not bring lasting peace to Afghanistan.


Muslims and non-Muslims march together in London on al-Quds Day

Amirah Ali

About 1500 people braved the cold and the hostile media to attend the Quds Day protests in London, UK, on Sunday 9 December. Traditionally held on the last Friday of Ramadan all over the world, the march broke with tradition in several ways this year.

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