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Jumada' al-Ula', 14222001-08-01

Crescent International Vol. 30, No. 11

Book Review

Globalization: an alternative analytical view of its perils and possibilities

Yahya Asmar

​​​​​​​What Is Globalization? by Ulrich Beck (translated from the German by Patrick Camiller).


West shows its fangs against protesters


Despite the city effectively being turned into a fortress by an army of policemen equipped with tanks, armoured vehicles, helicopters and riot-control equipment, thousands of protesters gathered outside the venue of a meeting of senior politicians planning their future strategy for promoting their common interests.

Islamic Movement

Islamic Revolution: the only possible future for Pakistan

Kalim Siddiqui

Pakistan will probably enjoy its National Day later this month, after Pervez Musharraf’s performance in India. But the fact remains that he is a whisky-loving general representing the West-toxicated elite that has repeatedly failed the supposed ‘Islamic Republic’. In this paper, first published in 1984

Occupied Arab World

Qaddafi exploits his ‘African connections’ to promote secularism in Sudan

Crescent International

Colonel Mu’ammar Qaddafi, Brother Leader of the Revolution in Libya, arrived in Khartoum on July 17 for two days of talks with president Omar Hassan al-Bashir in connection with the peace proposals sponsored jointly by his country and Egypt.

Occupied Arab World

Eager to frame Iran over Khobar bombing, US squabbling with Saudi Arabia

M.A. Shaikh

Saudi Arabia would not usually engage in public squabbling with the US, with which it has a ‘strategic alliance’, and Washington would not usually humiliate one of its most valuable and dependable proxies in the Middle East.

Occupied Arab World

Zionist settlers step up terrorism as Sharon sounds the drums of war

Abul Fadl

It was an appalling display of barbarism: on July 19 Jewish settlers ambushed the al-Itmeizi family and murdered three of them, including a 10-week-old baby girl, Diya. Four other family members were wounded.

South-East Asia

Exit Wahid, enter Megawati, but few grounds for optimism

Crescent International

Abdurrahman Wahid finally lost his tenuous grip on Indonesia’s presidency on July 23, when he was dismissed from office by a unanimous vote in Indonesia’s parliament, shown live on national television.


Musharraf surprises everyone by showing backbone based on nuclear parity with India

Zafar Bangash

Perhaps for the first time in history, a Pakistani ruler has stood his ground against India on an issue that is vital to his country’s survival. Previous Pakistani rulers often camouflaged their sell-out to India by citing external pressures or difficult circumstances.

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