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Safar, 14191998-06-16

Crescent International Vol. 27, No. 8

Book Review

At last, a fair and accurate book on the life and politics of Jinnah

Nisar Ali Shah

Whenever India’s independence from Britain is mentioned, two names connected with the event dominate: ‘Mahatma’ Karamchand Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. Meanwhile, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, is either mentioned only in passing, usually as villain of the piece, or totally ignored.

Occupied Arab World

Shaikh Sa'id Sha'ban: leader of Al-Tawheed Movement, passes away

Khalil Marwan

With the death on June 2 of Shaikh Sa'id Sha'ban in Tripoli, Lebanon, the Islamic Movement has lost another leading figure. He was 69.

South-East Asia

Habibie’s Islamic credentials include allowing Suharto family to keep its ill-gotten wealth

Hamid Papang

B J Habibie, appointed president of Indonesia upon Suharto’s ouster from power in May is beginning to enjoy himself. The change of guard has led to claims in some circles that he reflects the Islamic sentiments of the nearly 200 million people scattered across the vast archipelago.

Special Reports

Pakistan's nuclear prowess boosts morale of Muslims worldwide

Zafar Bangash

Muslim masses around the world greeted Pakistan’s nuclear tests with joy while the enemies of Islam were gripped by grief. Soon after Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif announced that five successful tests had been conducted on May 28...

Special Reports

US keen on dialogue with Tehran but unable to improve manners

Mohamed Ali Kazem, Abul Fadl

For the past few months, prospects of a rapprochement between the US and the Islamic Republic of Iran have captured the western media’s headlines, notwithstanding the fallout from subcontinental nuclear explosions. In a January 7 television interview with Cable News Network (CNN)...


Serbs now launch ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Muslims in Kosova

Iqbal Siddiqui

Serbia’s ethnic cleansing of parts of Kosova was stepped up again early this month, in the west of the country. The epicentre of the latest drive appears to be Decan, a town of some 60,000 Kosovars and an estimated 500 Serbs.


Muslims caught in Sinhalese-Tamil crossfire in Sri Lanka

M Hamza Haniffa, Hamid Papang

A spate of violent attacks against Muslims in the South Eastern province of Sri Lanka last month has caused alarm among the community. A police constable, M Badurdeen was shot and killed while performing ‘isha prayers in Masjidul Hudha (mosque) in Akkaraipattu...


Repressive measures against Muslims in the US

Abul Fadl

Foreign students hailing from a number of Muslim countries designated as sponsors of “terrorism,” namely, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, and Syria, may soon be subject to restrictions barring them from seeking a higher education in certain scientific fields in the United States.


EU uses World Cup to demonise Islam

M.S. Ahmed

The five European Union (EU) States which first began to swoop on their Muslim populations at the end of May in a cowardly and cynical exploitation of the World Cup did not exactly use those words.

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