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Dhu al-Hijjah, 14181998-04-16

Crescent International Vol. 27, No. 4

Book Review

Biting satire on corporate America's hypocrisy and anti-worker policies

J A Progler

Moore’s recent book, Downsize This!, takes its title from the corporate euphemism for firing workers. Originally published in 1996, and updated for the paperback edition a year later, Moore’s latest assault on corporate America is a biting satire of all that is wrong with an America under ever increasing control of business interests, ranging from the national corporate media to multinational and transnational corporations.

Occupied Arab World

Egyptian regime targets mosques to fight Islam

Khalil Marwan

The antipathy of regimes in the Muslim world to Islam is no secret. Similarly, the masses’ attachment to Islam is a fact of life that these regimes cannot alter, however much they try.

Occupied Arab World

Zionist complicity in Sharif’s martyrdom confirmed by tongue-in-cheek denial

Iqbal Siddiqui

Muhi al-Din Sharif, a senior and well-known Hamas mujahid, was buried in the Palestinian town of Ramallah on April 2. He was martyred by Israeli agents in Ramallah on March 29, in an assassination disguised to look like a bomb explosion.

Occupied Arab World

Showdown between parliament and the Sabahs in Kuwait

Mohamed Ali Kazem, Abul Fadl

Some things seem resistant to change in Kuwait, with the autocratic ways of governance foremost among them. Last month’s reshuffle of the Kuwaiti cabinet to avoid an imminent parliamentary no-confidence vote is the latest dramatic episode highlighting the persistence of the ruling Al-Sabah family...

Occupied Arab World

The Qana massacre two years later

Abul Fadl

Nestled among picturesque, tranquil hills overlooking the Mediterranean, the southern Lebanese village of Qana once had its moments of joy, sweet memories, and rosy dreams.

Occupied Arab World

Israel drags its feet over redeployment as 'peace process' breaks down

Abul Fadl

Hopes for resuscitating the stalemated Oslo ‘peace process’ were dashed last month after US Middle East envoy Dennis Ross failed during a four-day regional tour to make headway in brokering a resumption of Israeli-Palestinian talks.

South-East Asia

Malaysia deports asylum seekers to Suharto's torture camps

Our Special Correspondent

The deportation from Malaysia of ‘illegal immigrants’ turned violent on March 26 when a number of refugees were shot and killed in police firing at Semenyih camp in Selangor.


Bangladesh’s bridge over troubled waters

Shafiqul Islam

Seldom is the political history of a country so closely interwoven with the building a bridge as it is in Bangladesh, a country of 120 million people perched above the stormy Bay of Bengal.


Sudan opposition in disarray as Khartoum-Cairo links improve

Mahmoud Ahmed Shaikh

Links between Sudan and Egypt are on the mend, a development Sudanese opposition groups and their western backers are not celebrating. And while US president Bill Clinton’s visit to Uganda, part of a flying tour to five African countries...


Picturesque Hangu valley turned into killing field

Zafar Bangash

The tragic sectarian clashes in Hangu and the surrounding areas in Pakistan’s Frontier Province last month that resulted in scores of deaths were entirely avoidable.

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