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Jumada' al-Akhirah, 14191998-10-01

Crescent International Vol. 27, No. 15

Book Review

American 'culture of dissent' responds to life under nuclear terror

Yusuf Progler

After nearly four of decades of cold war conflict, accompanied by apathy and acceptance of the general population, the ‘no-nukes’ movement finally arose in the early 1980s to protest the ongoing threat of nuclear conflagration.


Slogans cannot turn Pakistan into an Islamic State

K M Azam

K M Azam, former senior Economic Adviser to the United Nations, continues his discussion on the application of Shari'ah in Pakistan. There is a strong emotional resurgence in all strata of Pakistani society for the re-establishment of Islam in their lives.

Occupied Arab World

UN, west back Algerian junta as Zeroual quits

Mahmoud Ahmed Shaikh

The secular fundamentalists among Algeria’s ruling junta, who were behind president Liamine Zeroual’s decision to step down before the end of his five-year term, have notched up another dubious victory...

South-East Asia

Lessons for the Islamic Movement from Anwar's episode

Zafar Bangash

Malaysia has been taken by storm since Anwar Ibrahim, the relatively youthful former deputy prime minister, was unceremoniously sacked on September 2.

South-East Asia

Malaysia drifts towards police state as Anwar beaten up by Mahathir's police

Crescent International

Anwar was brought to court with a swollen eye and bruises on his right arm, the result of being severely beaten by police when he was first arrested ten days ago.


Central Africa ablaze as US proxies tear each other apart

M.A. Shaikh

Whatever happened to the new breed of African rulers, hailed as harbingers of hope, peace and prosperity by the west only months ago?


Campaign against PAGAD in South Africa

Our Correspondent in Pretoria

Since the official ending of apartheid, South Africa has been gripped by a wave of violence, crime and drugs. There are many reasons for this but for ordinary people, all explanations are merely academic.


Taliban seen as outcasts on world stage amid high powered diplomacy

Zia Sarhadi

In a pointed snub to their efforts to gain international recognition, the Taliban were frozen out of a high-powered meeting in New York called by the United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan on September 21 to discuss the situation in Afghanistan.

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