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Rabi' al-Thani, 14181997-09-01

Crescent International Vol. 26, No. 13


With 'peace' comes 'progress' to Palestine

J A Progler

Western civilization was built on the intersection of war and commerce. But since the seventies, in the wake of the unwinnable Vietnam War, increasing cold war tensions threatening the planet with nuclear immolation, there began a concerted effort by the trilateral ruling elite...

Occupied Arab World

Arab League to defy the UN embargo on Libya?

Khalil Marwan

Will the Arab regimes muster enough courage to defy the western-led embargo against Libya imposed through the UN security council since April 1992?

Occupied Arab World

Israel and its SLA surrogates commit more crimes against civilians in Lebanon

Khalil Marwan

Unable to get away with its bloody-minded policies, the Zionist State of Israel has resorted to the one ploy it knows best: State terrorism.

Occupied Arab World

Shaikh of Al-Azhar squares up to Israeli rabbis, but...

Our Cairo Correspondent

The new Shaikh of Al-Azhar in Egypt, Dr Muhammad Sid Tantawi, who is better known for his trendy opinions on social issues than for firing off pointed fatwas on the hot political issues of the day, has reacted spiritedly to the challenge of Israeli rabbis, who invited him to condemn ‘suicide’ attacks on Israeli targets...

South-East Asia

Lessons from Southeast Asian currency turmoil

Zafar Bangash

The turmoil that has hit Southeast Asian currencies should serve as a reminder to all those who move too fast in trying to catch up with the west or attempt improving their economies.

Special Reports

US, UK lead world arms sales despite claims to ethical constraints

M.A. Shaikh

The US and Britain have increased their shares of the global arms market in 1996 despite claims by Washington and London that they are adopting ethical codes to guide the conduct of foreign policy.


Abkhazia needs Muslim support to resist pressure for concessions

Crescent International

The Abkhazian cause was briefly restored to international headlines when the Abkhaz leader, Vladisiav Ardzinba, and Georgia’s president Eduard Shevardnadze signed a pledge of peace on August 15, raising hopes for a political settlement of the conflict.


Uncle Sam’s globe-trotting habits

Zia Sarhadi

Uncle Sam’s globe-trotting habit is taking him to Central Asia this month; for military exercises. As if the region needed American ‘peacekeeping’ efforts, some 500 troops from the US 82nd airborne regiment will participate in what are dubbed as exercises in the spirit of ‘Partnership for Peace.’


US ‘targets’ Karadzic to install another Serb war criminal

Mahmoud Ahmed Shaikh

The US government and its western allies - clearly frustrated by Radovan Karadzic’s continued grip on power in the so-called Serb Republic (the part of Bosnia reserved for the Serbs) despite indictment for war crimes, and loss of the presidency more than a year ago...

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