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Rabi' al-Awwal, 14181997-08-01

Crescent International Vol. 26, No. 11

Book Review

The story of Mandela's struggle for freedom and justice

Zafar Bangash

The world's best known and longest-serving political prisoner's 27-year ordeal finally came to an end when shortly before 4 pm on February 11, 1990, Nelson R Mandela, accompanied by his wife Winnie, walked out of the Victor Verster prison in Cape Town. It may have been a few short steps to the prison gate, but it was a giant leap for Mandela and indeed the whole of South Africa.


Understanding the nature of the enemy within Muslim societies

Zafar Bangash

Most Muslims mistakenly believe that the rulers or regimes in the Muslim world are their greatest enemies. This is not to suggest that they are friends of the Muslims but one must look at the issues more deeply.

Occupied Arab World

Even conservative Arabs irked by Israeli intransigence

Khalil Marwan

Nearly four years after the Oslo agreement of September 13, 1993, and numerous kicks in the teeth later, Arab rulers have realised that it is virtually impossible to deal with the Zionist occupiers of Palestine.

South-East Asia

Stuck in an Islamic time capsule

Kuala Lumpur Correspondent

When one loses the arguments, he becomes incoherent. He talks about things which are out of this world or age, and of things which had no relevance or connections to the arguments in hand. This seems to be the case with some of our leaders stuck in an Islamic time capsule.

South-East Asia

Of currency turmoil, scapegoats and postponed dreams

Mohammed Hassan

The thinly veiled reference by the Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohammed, to the alleged role of George Soros in the precipitate fall of currencies in the ASEAN region belies a desperation which is beginning to grip the erstwhile over confident leaders of the emerging economies of the Far East.

South-East Asia

Hypocrisy guides Manila's talks with MILF

A Correspondent in Mindanao

The Manila regime is fond of talking from both sides of its mouth. It wants to talk peace with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) but the Filipino army continues its offensive against the mujahideen.

South-East Asia

Suharto makes early bid for presidency

Hamid Papang

Indonesia’s presidential elections are not due until next March but general Suharto is taking no chances. Not that his own position is threatened. He wants to make sure that even his running mate is chosen through consensus.

Special Reports

Shedding light on the murky world of drug trade

Zia Sarhadi

That the drug problem is a global menace is beyond dispute. What is less well known is that there are many big timers in this murky business.

Special Reports

Expanding Nato: is it viable?

Abul Fadl

Washington’s push to limit the first wave of NATO expansion to only three countries, Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic, provides a tell-tale sign of the inner contradictions that bedevil the enlargement project.


Pakistan at 50 no cause for celebration

Zafar Bangash

Elaborate plans are underway for golden jubilee celebrations in both Pakistan and India. Pakistan had kicked off its celebrations last March with a summit of the Organisation of Islamic Conference and an impressive military parade on the main thoroughfare in Islamabad.


Accord holds out as both sides attempt to make peace work in Tajikistan

Waseem Shehzad

After four years of civil war which has left more than 100,000 dead, and the economy in shambles, the people of Tajikistan have had enough.


Turkish secularism a front for army and tool of US power in the Mediterranean

Mahmoud Ahmed Shaikh

Mesut Yilmaz’s vote of confidence (281 to 256) in the Turkish parliament on July 12 was marred by brawls and fist-fights. He described his elevation to the premier’s post as a return to ‘traditional Turkish politics.’ Indeed!

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