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Keyword: Western Duplicity

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Daily News Analysis

Gaza and the Threat of World War

John Pilger

Dhu al-Qa'dah 17, 14352014-09-12

In his Edward Sa'id Memorial lecture in Adelaide, Australia on September 11, John Pilger exposes the corporate media's complicity in Israeli crimes and how the world is being pushed into a World War.

Daily News Analysis

Western rulers complicit in Zionist crimes in Gaza

Crescent International

Ramadan 13, 14352014-07-11

The zionists cannot do anything wrong. Western rulers are there to defend them regardless of the level of brutality they indulge in. This is once again evident in the zionist onslaught on Gaza. Western rulers, reading from the same script, say Israel has the “right to defend itself.” Palestinian men, women and children do not matter.

Daily News Analysis

Rahbar warns against American officials' duplicity

Crescent International

Rabi' al-Thani 08, 14352014-02-08

Officials and the people of the Islamic Republic should not fall for the guile of American officials, said the Rahbar in a speech to Air Force Commanders. He said the US would, if it could, overthrow the Islamic system of government. It has failed not for lack of trying but because it is based on Islamic principles and is backed by the Iranian people. He also called upon officials and people to continue with the resistance economy.

Daily News Analysis

Even in death, Mandela exposes hypocrisy of Western rulers

Crescent International

Safar 03, 14352013-12-06

Nelson Mandela has exposed the hypocrisy of Western rulers that have made a beeline to join his funeral in South Africa. Kings, presidents, prime ministers and others will be there to proclaim Mandela’s greatness while they indulged and continue to indulge in the worst kinds of crimes against humanity imaginable.


The hypocrisy of Western debates on the Iraq war

Crescent International

Jumada' al-Akhirah 03, 14242003-08-01

Political controversies seem to be brewing in both the US and Britain about the evidence that the Bush and Blair governments used to justify their Iraq war. Bush was forced to admit on July 7 that his State of the Union speech in January contained false allegations about Iraq’s nuclear programme...


Musharraf wrong-footed by American duplicity over Afghanistan

Zafar Bangash

Ramadan 16, 14222001-12-01

General Pervez Musharraf must feel that he has shot himself in the foot. His decision to join America’s war on Afghanistan and ditch the Taliban, because of George W. Bush’s infamous threat...

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