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Towards a Liberation Theology - Reflections on Palestine

Muhammad H. al-'Asi

Jumada' al-Ula' 05, 14262005-06-12

The issue of Palestine and Israel and whatever words are used begs for many approaches and there’s a lot of things, obviously, that can be said about this subject. We’re going to have to be selective in this presentation. I’ve taken the liberty to part from the written word. I’ve offered or tendered some of my thoughts on this issue to the committee but there’s obviously more than just a written word on this subject. In a sense, it’s a very sensitive subject that has to be acknowledged whatever religious persuasion you may belong to; it’s also a very delicate one, whichever political ideas you may carry. Let us assure you before we begin, and there may be some uncomfortable statements that are going to be said and they’re going to be said out of conviction and out of a heart and out of a person who has lived with this issue and almost is dying with it so bear with us in what we have to say which more-or-less is founded in the Final Testament, in the Qur’an and not in some type of...

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